Naruto multigenre literature proj

By Cesar Alves; book author: Masashi Kishimoto

Dear Reader

Have you ever wanted something so bad that you would work your butt of for it. That is exactly how Uzumaki Naruto feels about becoming the best ninja in his village. In this first book of the series you meet a determined young boy from Konoho Village, who secretly is hiding the spirit of the nine tailed fox who destroyed the village. In this book you will find that determination is everywhere and Naruto will have to train his heart out to graduate and become a ninja.

This story takes place in the Konoho Village. where there used to be a nine tailed fox, that fox terrorized the city;that is when the soon to be fourth hokage, defeats the fox, and then inserts his spirit into Naruto, the next "soon" to be hokage.

Naruto shows what it is like to have determination as the center point of someone's life. He faces many challenges and hardships, ranging from everyone to the village hating him, to ninjas trying to kill him, all while being on a team he doesn't want to be in. You see how he lives and the way he deals with hardships on his journey.

In this project, I will try to convey the message that Naruto brings, which is to always be determined. From poetry to his job application, you will realize the amount of determination Naruto has and the fact that anyone can have it.

Determination is everything in this book, without it, no one would be able to get anywhere in their lives, which translates into everyday things as well, like going to school or work, you need determination in pretty much all aspects of life. I hope you walk away with this better informed and also better minded about determination.

notes on dear reader

My thoughts while making the dear reader was pretty simple, make a way to express the idea of determination. While i did put what I was going to do, the other half explained the importance of determination and how it not only affects Naruto in the story, but can also be applicable to anyone, and at least they can leave this proj and know what it means to have determination. Pretty much this whole dear reader shows what is happening in the project while showing determination in action.

Choice 1: naruto jump ninja style / looking for respect from peers / determination

This has meaning because in the book, yes it is a ninja type jumping around and fighting, which sets up the story. He is looking for respect because he didn't have parents when he was young, so he always wanted attention and respect. And determination is there because he is determined to become hokage, the best ninja in the village, and he will do anything to get it. My thought process behind it was fact that Naruto jumps around a lot and also the determination he has for getting respect from his teachers and peers.

Choice 2: Job application

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This shows how Naruto loves food, and how food is his gettaway for not having parents, it symbolizes the need for attention. This always shows how determined he is for food, and will do anything for food. My though process through this was pretty humorous since the book shows Naruto stuffing food in his mouth, and I feel that that is a sort of determination, even if it is stuffing large amounts of food in his mouth.

Choice 3: Naruto Interview

Interviewer: so Naruto, I would like to ask you some questions about yourself. What was your meaning for becoming a ninja

Naruto: I always say I will become hokage, and then the people will have to notice and respect me!

Interviewer: okay, but why do you want to become Hokage that badly, just for attention?

Naruto: Growing up, I never had parents that we're proud, I did have Ikura, my graduate teacher, and now I have Kakashi, but that's not the point, while I was growing up, everyone hated me for some reason, and I would do anything to get attention. Now that I'm a ninja, I will train to become stronger, to become Hokage.

Interviewer: okay, well can you tell me about your team?

Naruto: *sighs* well there is the idiot Sasuke who keeps beating me to the punch, one day he will be the one needing help! And then there's Sakura-chan *drools*, she's the prettiest girl I've seen, but she's in love with that Sasuke idiot. And then there's Sensei Kakashi, he is amazing; I think he is super weird but powerful as well, one day I will overthrow him too.

Interviewer: interesting, well I'm almost done just 2 more question. So, what will you do if you become Hokage?

Naruto: well, first off I would make it so people recognize my awesomeness, then I don't know, never thought about, guess I'll cross that bridge when I get there.

Interviewer: last question, what advice can you give to the younglings wanting to become ninja?

Naruto: The best thing I can say is to never give up, always get up and fight, and never cry, because crying gets you nowhere.

Notes for interview

The interview shows how upbeat and optimistic about himself and how tough he got since he says crying gets you nowhere. And the sadness from his childhood of not having any parents, instead of making him depressed, gave him even more of a reason to become the best person he can be. And also it shows how he is determined because he says to all the younglings to never give up, because he won't giveup himself. My thought process behind the interview was when I was reading the book, his upbeat tone and his never give up attitude gave me the inspiration to do an interview like this, with snarky comments and a always win mentality.


Determination; it is something that everyone needs to reach a certain goal. Whether it being a job or becoming the greatest ninja in the village, you need determination to reach that goal. Determination is needed to obtain ones dream.

Determination is seen when Naruto fails his graduation test but then spends hours training to graduate. When Naruto failed, first he was really sad, but then he was giving the sealed arts and started learning the forbidden art of shadow technique. He was determined to graduate, so he studied and practiced, and with time, his teacher graduated him.

But the thing about determination is that anyone can have it. I know that when I was playing soccer, I had to be determined to get the starting spot on the team. How did it do it? I trained everyday and worked harder than the other players, which earned the respect of my coaches;and in return they started me in most games. This wouldn't have been possible if I hadn't had determination and will.

The only bad thing about determination is that some people think they can never have it, which couldn't have been further from the truth. Think, people who go on diets, and they have to lose weight and eat right, people who want to join a sport, who have to train everyday to get better and never give up, or even a job, who have to work their buts off to earn the position they want, and even people like Michael Jordan, who worked his literal but off to become he best basketball player in the world, and won the Chicago Bulls several titles;what do they all share in common, they have the will and DETERMINATION to get what they deserve, because determination is something that is all in the mind, everything else is your mind at work.

Determination is in everyone and anyone, no one can not have determination, especially since you need it the most in your life. Determination is needed to obtain ones dream.

Notes for expository

My thought process behind the expository writing was the idea that anyone can have determination and anyone can achieve anything with it. I used Naruto's failure to graduate as a way to show that he had determination to graduate and made sure he did. I also used a personal example to show any normal person can use it. Then I put global experianced to show that anyone can achieve what they want. Naruto was a huge inspiration about determination since he never gave up. So I used people who never gave up like mike Jordan.