Technology Rules

How to use technology in Ms. Knight's class

When to Use Your Device

BYOD - Bring Your Own Device

  • Your device can only be used in class when I say, "Power On!" Otherwise, all devices should be off and put away.
  • When we are finished using technology, turn your device off when I say, "Shut Down."
  • If we are still using technology, but I need your attention I will say, "Devices in Sleep Mode."
  • You are responsible for your device. Do not leave it unattended and handle it with care.
  • I do have the right to revoke technology privileges at anytime for inappropriate use.

How to Use Your Device

  • For research databases, go to our school library's website In this class, we will use academic, peer-reviewed sources for research assignments.
  • If you are having technical difficulties, ask a neighbor for help. If the problem cannot be solved, let me know and we will contact IT.
  • Devices are to be used for course work only. No games, no social media (unless classroom sites), and only appropriate, academic websites (please see the technology section of your syllabus for a list of approved sites).
  • Whenever using social media for academic purposes remember to: never give your exact location or other personal information, be respectful, participate in academic conversations, and learn something new from the world around you.
  • While using technology, you may use headphones to listen to music. If you are not on task, this privilege will be taken away.
  • When we use technology in class we are working, so remember to stay on task and not disturb your name unless you have a technology/assignment question.

Remember you have the apps below for classroom use!

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