Earth, Moon, and Sun System

Gravity and Orbits of Earth and Other Planets


The strong force that pulls all objects on earth towards the center of the earth.

- force created by an object that pulls on another object.

- gravity in space keeps planets in orbit.

Misconception and Truth

Misconception - The force of gravity is stronger the further away objects are from each other.

Truth - The force is actually weaker the more distant objects are from each other.

PBS Kids Gravity Song

Orbits of Earth and Other Planets

The way in which a planet moves around the sun.

- all planets orbit the sun.

- orbits are elliptical in motion

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Misconception and Truth

Misconception - Moons orbit the sun.

Truth - The moons orbit the sun at the same the planet orbits the sun. In essence the moon does not orbit the sun on its own.

Activity for Helping Students Understand the Planets Orbits

People Planets
Help your students remember significant features and the order of the planets by “acting out” the Solar System. Create groups of nine or more students and assign a planet or celestial body to each group. For homework ask your students to prepare a costume and a small speech to help others identify their planet. Finally, have each group work together to act out the orbit of their planets for the class or another class in the school.


Earth's Orbit Song

From the CTS of Katie Lesperance