April/May/June 2017 Newsletter

Blanche Reynolds Elementary School

Campus Happenings

It has been such a FANTASTIC YEAR! Our kids have enjoyed so many fun activities, all while learning so many new things. As the year continues to unfold, we look forward to celebrating even more exciting times throughout the end of April, into May and then wrapping things up in June.

In addition to some end-of-year field trips, traditional celebrations such as the Maypole Dance Festival and our newer Art/Tile Night will be taking place soon. We also have a Movie Night this Friday, and our end-of-year promotion ceremonies coming up. Please plan on joining us for all of these events! Your kids LOVE this place, and we all love spending time with you! :)

Students in grades 3-8 will soon be taking their state tests in language arts and math. Students in grades 5 & 8 will also be taking the state science test. Our teachers and students have worked so hard this year, and when testing begins on May 1, everyone will be ready to rock and roll! Thank you for helping us remind the kids how important it is to take these tests seriously, while also helping them understand that we realize that this test is only a snapshot of what they have been learning.

Thank you for all that you do!


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Upcoming Events & Activities

Apr. 25 - PTA Fundraiser - Chick-fil-A (5-7 pm)

Apr. 26 - Administrative Professionals Day (Thank you to Cheri, Judy and Debbie!!)

Apr. 28 - Movie Night (6-8 pm) Pizza Man Dan & Mr. Softee Ice Cream for Purchase

May 1-12 – State Testing (make-ups to 5/19)

May 4 - Math Curriculum Info Night at BR

May 13 - Saturday School

May 18 - Art Festival/Tile Night (5-7 pm)

May 19 - Maypole Dance Festival (8:30-9:30)

May 22-26 - Staff Appreciation Week

May 25 - TK/Kinder Orientation (1 pm)

June 3 - Summerfest at the ESC on Stanley Ave. (9-2)

June 8 - 5th Grade Picnic (9:30-1:30)

June 9 - Trimester 3 Awards Assembly (8:15)

June 13 - Kinder Promotion (11 am)

June 14 - 5th Grade Promotion (1:30-2:30)

June 15 - Last Day of School 2016-17

Aug. 23 - First Day of School 2017-18

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We are excited to announce that VUSD elementary school students will be learning with NEW MATH CURRICULUM, Math Expressions, next year! This year, our district adopted new elementary English Language Arts curriculum, and soon we will also have new math curriculum based on the Common Core State Standards! Teachers and I will be participating in professional development to learn more about the new curriculum, and there will also be upcoming MATH CURRICULUM PREVIEW NIGHTS for parents. There will be a preview night at Blanche Reynolds on the evening of May 4 from 6-7 pm. Children are welcome to attend with families.


Each Friday is SPIRIT DAY! Some spirit days are wacky and wild, like our recent Pajama Day/Dr. Seuss Day! But, most Spirit Days are school t-shirt days! Please remind your child to wear his/her BR t-shirt on Fridays. If your child doesn't have one to wear, you can purchase one or your child can just wear bright blue!
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Thanks to your generous donations towards all of our fundraisers, and thanks to all of the hard work of our dedicated PTA members, we were able to afford this joyful, whimsical, gorgeous mural by MB! What a fabulous addition to our campus!!! THANK YOU!!!
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PTA Information

April 25 - Chick-fil-A Fundraiser - 1321 Eastman Ave., Ventura (5-7 pm)


If you have ever considered being a part of PTA, have I got news for you! :)

We are in dire need of not only PTA members, but we also need PTA BOARD MEMBERS for next year. We need a PRESIDENT, TREASURER AND SECRETARY. Our current president and treasurer will help you oversee things, but their term limits are up in June. Our current secretary has a child promoting to middle school. We are happy to INVITE ALL FAMILIES TO JOIN US IN PTA. We have a mighty group of dedicated folks currently, but we would love to have a larger group. We really need you! :)

At this point, we hold meetings on the second Tuesday of each month at 6pm, but that can be changed based on the needs of the group. We can meet in the mornings at student drop off, right after school at student pick up or whenever works for you. We have spoken with several of you individually as well as in small groups, and we realize that many of you are interested, but concerned that the jobs may be overwhelming. We are hoping that everyone involved can break down the big jobs into many little jobs to be shared, & we can all work together so that it is not overwhelming for anyone.

In a nutshell...

PTA organizes the following activities/fundraisers...

Red Ribbon Week

Holiday Shop Activity/Fundraiser

Jog-a-Thon Activity/Fundraiser (We need a lead person.)

Book Fairs Activity/Fundraiser


Mixed Bag Fundraiser (We need a lead person.)

Staff Appreciation Week (We need a lead person.)

Dinner Nights



Holiday Photos

Talent Show (We need a lead person.)

And, the funds raised go towards the following...

Field Trips (ex. Buses are $250+, depending on the trip)

Assemblies (ex. Music/science/animal/literacy assemblies...)

Campus Beautification (ex. Murals)

Books (for classrooms and the library)

Technology (ex. Ipad minis)

5th Grade Activities (ex. Support towards Promotion ceremony, Island Trip, etc.)

And more...

We are concerned that if we do not get people to fill the board positions and/or join PTA, we may need to fold PTA. We would then unfortunately need to sacrifice much of the above. Please consider joining PTA! Please email our current president Danyelle at wyattdany@hotmail.com and/or email me at kelly.hatton@venturausd.org (and take a peek at the PTA links below) if you are interested and/or if you'd like to learn more. THANK YOU!!

Parent Communication

"Like" our "Blanche Reynolds Elementary School" FB page.

"Friend" me (Principal Hatton) on Facebook.

Visit our school website www.venturausd.org/blanchereynolds/Home

Join up for "Remind" to receive weekly info from me. Text "@blanchere" to 81010.

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Congratulations to our AWESOME ATTENDANCE winners!

Each day, Ms. Judy in our office, calculates the number of students who are in class. She keeps track of all of the classes that have "awesome attendance" each day. (Each time a student is absent, he/she does lose out on his/her learning. We also lose about $250 per child, per day that a kiddo is absent, which really affects the programs and resources we can offer. Although, we do thank you for keeping your kids home when they are ill!)

Awesome Attendance CLASS WINNERS for MARCH:

1st Place: Mr. Lewis

2nd Place: Mrs. Cummings

3rd Place: Ms. Flynn


The BR staff loved honoring you at last week's Volunteer Breakfast. We appreciate you so much! (Thank you to Suzannah Underwood for taking these photos.)
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