The 8 Week Thrive Experience

What Does Thrive Do For You?

My Personal Story

Prior to Thrive, I was exhausted, had lots of aches and discomforts, was grumpy and quite frankly, just plain ol' unhealthy! I used to drink 2 pots of coffee per day, plus did 2-3 energy shots. I would go to be at 7:30-8:00, because I just could not make it any longer. Since I have started Thriving, I wake up before my alarm, ready to roll and no longer drink coffee at all. I no longer limp to the bathroom when I get up, because the morning discomforts I used to have are all but gone. I was in a horrible auto accident that left me on life support for 6 days, just over 20 years ago, so saying I had aches and discomforts is an understatement. I remember sitting on my back porch with my grandson in the back yard asking me to come play with him and on that particular day, I literally broke into tears, because all I could think was, "If I feel this bad now, what am I going to do 20 years from now?" I was in a very dark place, due to a family situation that almost caused us to lose everything, and could not believe that this is as good as life gets...I have worked myself to death the last 25+ years for THIS? Before I continue on to my Thrive journey, first and foremost, I give all the glory to God for the changes that have since taken place.

A friend of mine had been speaking to me a little bit about Thrive and I just figured, if it is legal and if it even remotely does what she says it will do, I AM IN!!! I began my journey hoping Thrive would help calm my aches and discomforts, but I had NO IDEA what I was in store for.

Day 1: I took my 2 capsules on an empty stomach, waiting 20 minutes then drank down my DELICIOUS lifestyle mix and slapped on my DFT and went about my day. I felt NOTHING!

I continued my journey as directed (because I knew this was an 8 Week Experience) and waited for the results.

Day 4: My first ah-ha moment!!!! I went to lean down over our kitchen counter to write something down and burst into tears. My husband looked at me like, "now what?" and smuggled asked me, "What's wrong?" I told him with great joy and tears rolling down my face, "my back does not hurt!!!!". For the first time in YEARS, I was feeling no discomfort in my back. And it has only gotten better from there.

I have never had an EXPLOSION of energy that some people speak about, but this 47 year old can now go from 4:15 am to between 10:30 and 11:00 every day. I am happier and more confident than I have EVER been and I am loving life. Things have completely done a 180 for me and I can't stop sharing this amazing product. My husband is also a Thriver (he was a Day 1 bragger) and I can truthfully tell you that we get along better and share common interests like never before. With this being said, Thrive has even changed my marriage.

On the business end, Thrive has changed our lives in many ways, as well. It has opened up opportunities for us that were not even a thought in our heads. Since ACTIVELY promoting, which was August 1, 2015, we have earned an auto bonus (I actually drive a Lexus - pretty big change for this country girl), we have earned 3 lifestyle getaways, have earned several amazing bonuses offered to us through Le-Vel and we have not paid for Thrive since our first order! Anyone with a cell phone and/or computer can do this business, you just have to have the desire to change your family's future.

i am going to continue to reach out to everyone I know and even people I don't know, because this product has absolutely changed my entire outlook on life. I want to LIVE again and this is something that was stripped away from me before Thrive, due to "life struggles" that we all face. I am a Thriver for life and want to help everyBODY I come into contact with to experience just what Thrive can do for them. God bless!!!!


It is always best to just jump in and go for the gusto, because 3 days will never show you what Thrive will do for you, but if you would like a 3 day MINI-EXPERIENCE, please shoot a text to 830-624-9007 with your name, address and email address and I will put one in the mail to you. I just want to get this product in your body so you will understand why we are so passionate about this life changing product. Has your supplement store ever allowed you a 3 day "sample"? Probably not, but I sure am willing to.