Goddess Circles

Be the goddess within, connect with your community of women!

Bring your hidden powers to the light!

A goddess circle is a gathering of women seeking for more. More authenticity, depth, passion, healing, light, confirmation, support, sisterhood, freedom, love, clarity of their path, and BLISS. Through dancing, deep sharing, embracing all the rainbow of emotions, and opening up to our own vulnerability, yet held and supported by other women mirroring our humanity, we grow tremendously. We can raise the vibration of everything and everyone around us as we joyously rise to higher levels of consciousness with the wings sisterhood provides!
These meetings are a tender source of infinite blossoming creativity, inspiration, growth, and universal love.
It is a nurturing exploration of our beings, our deepest longings, our strengths, and absolute beauty as women. If you are longing for more and need that extra push to reach the stars, come join the gathering!

Beautiful photography by Cadencia Photography! www.cadenciaphotography.com

Thursday nights of May!

Come and join us on Thursday nights of May (9th, 16th, 23rd, 30th) at 7:30 pm at the Fairfield House in Nelson. Circles will be $20 drop in or 3 for $50.

This is a wonderful opportunity to connect, create community and support each other in our growth!

Visit www.reachyourlight.com for more details.

We NEED the honest and loving truth, clear reflection and enthusiastic encouragement from our heart-centered sisters. They are the allies who will dance with us down the path of Grace, Glory, Delight, Fulfilment, Creativity, Love, Truth and Joy. They propel us forward and support our playing in the world even LARGER, so our talents and gifts can SHINE even brighter, and touch the world more deeply, more intimately and more passionately." Erica Ross