My Kingdom for a Full Week

Quick Tidbits for the Week of March 9th to 13th


Yes, I normally do not start with recess, however, tonight I am making an exception. If it is not raining, we are going out for recess this week. If your yard is anything like mine, it may be snow-free but it is rather wet. So, if you believe your child will do child things like get muddy, wet, or even think about throwing a snowball, please make sure you send some extra pants and shoes for them. Yes, even the ones who don't wear pants, only shorts.

The Week in Advance

We will take our Word Study quizzes tomorrow and then get our new lists of words on Tuesday. Reading groups will be up to date with their work from the snow day. We will begin a new TFK and continue our Weather unit.

I will be leaving early (11:30 a.m.) on Tuesday for a workshop. Our substitute will be working with the students on clouds. I was supposed to be on jury duty tomorrow, but that was canceled. At this rate, all my letting the students know that I could miss days did was get them worried for nothing. I have only one day left to possibly miss, so here's hoping that one gets canceled as well.