Proclamation and Acts

American Revolution

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Proclamation Act of 1763

Drew a line North and South along the Appalachian Mountains and declared colonists could not settle any lands west.

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Sugar Act (1764)

Raised tax rates on imports of raw sugar and molasses.

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Currency Act of 1764

Banned the use of paper money in the colonies.

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Quartering Act

Required colonists to provide barracks for British troops

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Declaratory Act

Asserted that the colonies were subordinate to the British Parliament.

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Townshend Act of 1767

Put new customs on glass, lead, paper, paint and tea.

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Tea Act of 1773

Enraged merchants who feared that it was to squeeze them out of business.

*Because of this The Boston Tea Party occurred*

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Quebec Act of 1774

had no real effect toward the colonists but still angered them.

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The Coercive Acts of 1774

Acts that only applied to Massachusetts but were also meant to deter the other colonies.

Intolerable Acts of 1774

The Coercive Acts and Quebec Acts