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September 14th, 2018

Benjamin Scoville, Director
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From the Director

Dear CDS Community,

This week I had the pleasure of visiting several of our middle school classrooms to see how students are getting along in the 2018-19 school year. It was wonderful to see our kids collaborating so well and truly engaging with the excellent learning opportunities teachers are providing.

I would like to thank our many parent volunteers for their support on Wednesday night at the X-country meet. Your efforts to support our athletes and our school are very much appreciated.

We have a very busy day tomorrow for MS athletics! Our boys' and girls' soccer teams, X-country team, and badminton team will all be competing at various schools including our own! If you can make it, come to CDS tomorrow morning and cheer on our badminton team! For more details about the badminton game schedule, scroll down to this week's Phoenix Report!

Students -- Be safe and rest up for our Fall NWEA MAP testing on Monday morning!

Have a great weekend!

Benjamin Scoville

Director of Middle School

NWEA MAP Growth Testing

Next week, on September 17th, 18th, and 19th, CDS Middle School students will take the MAP Growth tests in English, Language Usage, and Reading. Please make sure your children receive a full night sleep and a good breakfast before coming to school on these days.

We want students to do their very best on these exams so that results are accurate representations of their current level of achievement. Teachers use the data from these exams to modify their instruction and better serve your children. If the data isn't reliable, it is more difficult for teachers to target the specific skills your child needs to develop.

Having a conversation with your child about the MAP test will go a long way in ensuring they are motivated to do their best.

If you have any questions or concerns about MAP testing, please feel free to make an appointment with me (Mr. Scoville)... or your child's English or Math teacher.

MAP Test Info in Korean, English, Spanish, and Chinese

For the testing schedule, and information about MAP Testing in your Language, click the button.

MS Parent Information Session #1 - Digital Portfolios

We want to thank all the mothers who joined us on Thursday afternoon to learn how we use Digital Portfolios in the Middle School. I hope you found the event helpful and informative.

Attached below is the slide presentation, along with some practical documents for communicating with teachers via email, and for discussing academic work with your children.

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CDS will host a booth at the Cheongna Beauty Festival this Saturday

CDS has been invited to set up a booth in this year's Cheongna Beauty Festival. The event will take place tomorrow ---Saturday, September15th along the Cheongna Canal in the park area behind the the Post Office.

We will have a booth at the festival from 2:00pm to 6:00pm. Although it's too early in the school year for student performances, we will be sharing information about our school and exhibiting student art work, and videos of CDS events. Feel free to drop by and say hello!

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Gugak Arts Center - 6th Grade Field Trip

The 6th graders were an enthusiastic bunch as we loaded the bus this morning to go to the National Gugak Center in Seoul. Although there was lots of traffic, we made it and jumped right into the Korean Folk Singing Experience class.

The students were taught 3 folksongs by a professional Gugak artist. We learned 강강술래, 남생아놀아라, and 노래배우기. Along with the singing, we also learned some games and dances to do along with the singing. Then, we pulled out some janggu drums, and leanred how to play accompaniment style while singing a folk song. It was a great experience for the students!

After lunch, we had planned to go to the museum. However, when we got there, we unfortunately found out it was under construction. This was a big disappointment because I really wanted to have the students see the displays and explore. Instead, we sat together outside and discussed Korean music. Nonetheless, today was a special time for the students to learn more about traditional Korean culture and get them interested in traditional music!

Below you can read a few comments from the 6th graders:

- Ms. Van Liew

-Liz (6B)

"It was such a fun experince even though the museum was in construction. For me learning the dances and the fun Korean games were fun as well. I hope I can go to the museum someday to see how amazing it would be!!"

-Ivette (6B)

"I think this field trip was a good experience for everyone. We learned new Korean traditional songs and dances. We learned more about janggu specifically. It was unfortunate that we could not go to the museum though. I hope we could visit here again and see more interesting things about ancient Korea."

-Russell (6B)

"I was interested in music and especially more in Korean folk music. This trip was a good experience of learning about folk songs and instruments. Though we could not go to the museum it was really good experience for me!"

-Sky (6A)

"The field trip was very fun. Although we didn't go to the museum. I was able to experience more professional Korean traditional music. I wish could go again later!!!"

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Social Studies with Mr. Thach

Every week, G5 students in the Social Studies classroom prepare for their weekly quizzes by playing a game of Kahoot. Students enjoy the friendly competition while also reviewing key points that will help them succeed on their quizzes. For those students who want to practice more at home, links are provided in Google Classroom to help them study.

- Mr. Thach

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Science with Mr. Howell

This week was an awesome opportunity for 7th grade life science students to learn more about the molecules that make up our cells and bodies. We investigated the nature of Nucleic acids, including DNA!

In order to get a better idea of just how much DNA is in cells, we attempted to extract the DNA from some strawberries. It was a long, tedious process involving numerous steps and a bit of patient manual labor, but in the end we successfully managed to amass a decent amount of genetic material which we collected on the end of a chopstick to make DNA lollipops.

Bon appétite!

- Mr. Howell

A Bit of Poetry in Advanced Spanish

In order to build an atmosphere of trust and help students gain self-confidence, students were challenged to write a poem describing themselves while using the adjectives and vocabulary they learned in previous classes. The aim of this activity was to foster effective oral communication by creating significant language production through the use of authentic texts.

This integration would assure real-life and purposeful communication while solidifying the trust and confidence among students. After writing their poem, students had to share it with their peers, further developing their confidence in communicating in Spanish while reaffirming their knowledge in language structure and language conventions. Students really enjoyed this activity and were proud of the wonderful job they did.

Click the link below to see these students share their poems!

--Mrs. Morillo

<This Week, Around CDS MS>

PE Class with Mr. Monette

G6 Students playing soccer.
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X-Country First Jamboree

Everyone finished their 5km race! So proud of these runners!!
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Long House - 7A with Mr. Menzel & Mrs. Liu

During Longhouse, students began the Second Step program that focuses on social and emotional development. The students spent most of the class speaking about appearance, and how people make "micro-judgments" based on how others look. They related what they learned to what they see happening around Dalton and around South Korea in general.

Students heard stories of other students who struggled to fit in and changed their appearance and attitudes in order to fit social norms. Longhouse ended with students promising to reflect on how they let the appearance of others impact their thoughts and actions.

-Mr. Menzel

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Long House - 8A with Mr. Coward & Mr. Cavasin

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This week in Co-curriculars

CDS MS Orchestra

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Team Sports

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Table Tennis

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MS Division Dinner

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Badminton @CDS -Jamboree Schedule 9/15

Click the link to see the schedule for tomorrow's jamboree at CDS!

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Upcoming Events

9/15 MS Girls Soccer @ KIS

9/15 MS Boys Soccer @ SFS

9/15 MS X-Country @ YISS

9/15 MS Badminton @ CDS

9/17 - 9/19 MS MAP Testing

9/21 High Four Competition - Mathletes

9/24-9/28 Chuseok Break