Sex Trafficking

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The Reason Behind This

Economic circumstances contribute heavily to sex trafficking. Youths sell themselves for money every single day just to feed themselves and/or their families.

Living on the streets

Sex trafficking is known as the "easy" way to make for a meal a day. It is said that out of every 3 children 1 will be recruited in the sex world in the first 48 hours of them on the streets.
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Video About sex trafficking

Child sex trafficking & Homeless Youth

COVENANT HOUSE - Homeless youth's shelter

Many Canadians believe that sex trafficking is only an international issue, but an estimated 71% of trafficking cases involve domestic sex trafficking and 63% of those trafficked were Canadian citizens in Ontario.Sex trafficking throughout Canada is a growing issue. Unsuspecting girls are ensnared online, in malls and in school yards. The majority of sex trafficking victims in our country are young, Canadian girls.
Stop Sex Trafficking in Ontario