Unit 1: Connections

By: Abbey Wolff

Chapter 1: Attitude & Personality


Chapter 1 teaches us about the values we should have in the workplace that depends on our attitudes towards our work and our co-workers and also shows us how we can bring out our own personalities without over stepping on work priorities.

Attitude: How others perceive you.

Personality: What makes you as an individual.

Why is it important to have a positive attitude/personality in the workplace?

  • It's important because it shows employers and employees how you handle different situations and what kind of values you care into the workplace.


Chapter 1 & Chapter 2: These are connected because you have to have a positive attitude in order to reach your goals, without a positive attutidue you can guarantee your goals will not be reached.

How this affects me, as a co-worker:

Having a positive attitude in the workplace improves my customer service making customers want to come back to our store. Also having a "bubbly" personality really attracts customers to grow fond of me because I connect with them through my personality.

Positive Customer Service!