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Friday 31 March 2023

Prayer for Easter

O God, Son of God, you took on yourself our nature and suffered death on the cross for us.
By your Passion you have set us free from eternal death.
Preserve us in your grace; through your mercy,
O our God, you are blessed, and live and govern all things, now and forever.

Message from the Principal

STAFFING - Congratulations to Mrs Kate Cosnett who will be joining our St Peter’s team.
Kate has been selected for the Year 5M teaching position, covering Mr Jack Uchanski whilst he is on leave in Term Two. We look forward to welcoming Kate into our community!

Congratulations to Ms Kayla Anzellino, our Pre Kindy teacher, on her pregnancy. Kayla will be commencing maternity leave at the end of Semester One and we wish her all the best on the arrival of her second child.

PARENT-TEACHER INTERVIEWS - Thank you to all our parents for coming in over the past week for Parent-Teacher Interviews. Our interviews are a great opportunity to maintain a positive partnership between home and school, to ensure consistency, as we work together in your child’s development. Moving forward, if you have any concerns throughout the year about your child’s education, the first point of call is the classroom teacher.

SWIMMING CARNIVAL - On Tuesday 28 March, our Year 4-6 students were involved in the St Peter’s Swimming Carnival at Bayswater Waves. The carnival was a great opportunity for students to display our schools’ TRUE Values. Students were
competitive in their events, but then genuinely excited and happy for the success of their friends and opponents. I would like to thank Mrs Alison Perrin for organising a well-run and successful carnival, with a range of events that catered for all abilities.

Congratulations to all our competitors for their participation and great sportsmanship!
Please see below gallery for photos of the day and Mrs Perrin's recount of the day and results!

EASTER STORY REFLECTION - The Year 5 cohort will present the Easter Story Reflection in the Quiet Area on
Wednesday 5 April. There will be two sessions at 10.30am and 11.45am in the Quiet Area. All are welcome to attend. The Stations of the Cross reflect upon Jesus’ last day before being crucified on the cross. Jesus carried the burden of his cross and faced ridicule and tormenting from many in the crowd. He was unjustly condemned and yet still found the strength to carry on and make the ultimate sacrifice so we could live.

Throughout the Easter reflection, we reflect on how we can look for hope, forgive and withstand suffering just as Jesus did. We consider how Jesus’ walk to Calvary is similar to our own lives. It is by carrying our own crosses that we come to know the power of God’s mercy and love. So, as we enter Holy Week, let us feel as our Lord felt, hurt as he hurt and love as he loved.

PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT - On Thursday 6 April, our staff will be participating in a
“Talk for Writing” Professional Development presented by Dyslexia Speld. Talk for Writing is a unique process that uses spoken activities to develop writing skills. Staff are looking forward to learning more about this engaging teaching framework.

On Monday 24 April, staff will commence Term Two with a professional learning day, focusing on “Launch Explore Summarise.”
Our focus in Numeracy for 2023 continues to be on, ‘Launch, Explore, Summarise,’ with this Instructional Model referring to the structure and delivery method of a lesson. The forefronts student thinking and supports understanding and discussion of student problem solving strategies.

I would like to wish all our St Peter’s family a safe and blessed Easter. We look forward to welcoming you all back to school for Term Two on Wednesday 26 April 2023 in full winter uniform.

Courtney Caputi


Assistant Principal RE News

COMMITMENT MASSES - Last Sunday, we celebrated the Sacramental Commitment Masses for the students who are receiving the Sacraments of Reconciliation (Year 3),
First Holy Communion (Year 4) and Confirmation (Year 6). It was fantastic to have so many families at the Church. If your child is receiving one of the Sacraments and you were unable to attend last Sunday, the catch-up Mass is this Sunday, 2 April at 5pm.

Big picture

Merit Certificates Week 9 – 31/03/23

PPB Alice deGraff / Olivia Williamson

PPM Aydin Bartholomew / Violet Seatory

PPW Alex Mondal / Aria Williamson

1B Elisa Freeman / Abby Chen

1M Teddy Bartlett / Eloise Fielding

1W Norah Donaldson / Astrid Chen

2B Emily Foley / Angeline Ho

2M Pearrl Amesur / Leo Clozza

2W Anopa Dumba / Charlie Trott

3B Darcy Nielson / Alexander Korona

3M Arielle Chatley / Owen Prior

3W Patrick O'Shea / Jacobo Cristancho Charry

4B Finn Martin / Rosheen Reardon

4M Marcus Isaacs / Madeleine Epton

4W Evie Schupp

5B Harley Rudland / Sebastian Di Dio

5M Adrian Salvia / Yvette Arnold

5W Imani Beacon / Stirling Grove

6B Fletcher Webb / Anika Epton

6M Natalia Ciffolilli / Aaliyah Franchina

6W Maxwell Gliddon / Jacob Tan / Victoria McGrath

Swimming Carnival 2023

The St Peter’s Swimming Carnival was held on Tuesday 28 March at Bayswater Waves Aquatic Centre. Students from Years Four, Five and Six were all making waves in the water. Each student showed TRUE values and did their best. Every student is a winner for having a go.
The overall carnival winner was Angelico for the first time in 5 years.
The loudest year group of the carnival was the Year 4 cohort who won the 2023 cheering award. The support from St Peter’s staff made the carnival a success.
Big picture
Big picture

Performing Arts Festival

Dear Parents / Guardians

Does your child learn a musical instrument or have singing or drama lessons? Young performers are invited to participate in this year's 'Spirit of the Arts Festival' presented by Catholic Arts.
Participating students should be in their second year of tuition and beyond. Festival performances provide a wonderful platform for young performers to experience performing in front of an audience, and to learn and grow.
Each performer receives written feedback from an experienced adjudicator.

The festival occurs in Term 3 with entries due into the school office by Monday 1st May;
Week 2, Term 2. Please see the attached poster and entry form for details.

Please forward any queries to:

Yours in harmony,

Marina Powell

SOTA Festival Coordinator

Big picture
Big picture

Basketball News

The St Peter's Wolves made it to the Under 12s semi-final last week.

Congratulations to Dave Dawes and Melissa Armstrong, the Team's Coach and Manager, along with the players:

Luke Armstrong

Benjamin Dawes

Oliver Johnson

Jack Matusik

Oliver O'Kane

Anderson Palermo-Martin

Oliver Rendall

James Thomas

The St Peter's Kings will be in the Grand Final this week. Congratulations to Coach, Daniel Rosovsky and Manager,
Kelli Bradbrook, along with the players:

Matthew Bradbrook

Lucas Campbell

Maxwell Gliddon

Jude Haidar

Philip Marinucci

Cristian Parrella

Sasha Rosovsky

If you're free, come cheer them on on Saturday 1st April at 12pm on Court 2 at Morley Sport and Recreation Centre.

The Summer season is drawing to a close and we would like to extend our thanks to players and families for their commitment and a huge thank you and acknowledgement to the Coaches and Managers who have volunteered this season:

Wolves - Dave Dawes & Melissa Armstrong

Kings - Daniel Rosovsky & Kelli Bradbrook

Serpents - Mark James, Jim Fogliani & Louise James

Cobras - Sam Armstrong, Darren Williams & Kylie O'Driscoll

Warriors - Dustin Armstrong & Michelle Fredericks

Strikers - Aaron Bennett & Karyn Bennett

Blazers - Ryan Harrison & Renee Healy

Taipans - Wade Lapelms & Cindy Sherwood-Ieraci

Bullets - Boyd Andrews & Rozanne O'Kane

A big thank you once again to the previous Basketball Committee who set up the summer season competition to ensure it was off to a great start: Mel Armstrong,
Rozanne O'Kane and Magda Wittek.

Thanks also to our sponsors for the season:

Mount Lawley Hardware

Get Fit For Life

Matusik Jewellers

Brightwater Care Group

Sustainable Platform

Aria Dental

P&F News

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Community News

  • MODERNIANS HOCKEY CLUB - Junior Players Wanted! 2023 Winter Season starts 6 April. Flexible Memberships Available - visit -

  • GUITARWORKS - is holding “Free School Holiday Guitar Workshops” for anyone interested in learning guitar. These 90min demonstrations cover all aspects of guitar playing and styles. Bookings essential, info & dates found here Guitar Workshop or contact
    Stefan Cutri Mob: 0414 448 907.

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