Room 113 News January 20th

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Please take a few minutes to share your feedback about how 2nd grade is going for your child, and your thoughts about teaching and learning. I am constantly trying to improve and sharpen my practice. Your thoughts are important to me, and I value all your comments. This survey is anonymous. It's below this flyer. There are 5 questions. 2 of them are yes/no. If there is something you are concerned about, always feel free to contact me directly or stop by before or after school.

Science + Writing

Our class has enjoyed blending science and writing together for the last 2 weeks. Students have learned about the scientific process and have designed and conducted their own experiments. In the coming weeks, students will continue independently conducting science experiments about air and then writing detailed lab reports to capture their thinking and learning. Instruction is given each day in both science and writing, but activities are blended.
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From Ms. Thomas, Our Counselor

This week in Guidance the students are continuing their Emotional Management Unit. Students are learning that everyone feels angry sometimes, but hurting other people's feelings or bodies is not okay. It's important to calm down angry feelings so you don't do something hurtful. Being assertive is a respectful way to get what you want or need. Students practiced three different calm down strategies (deep breathing, counting, and positive self-talk) and also used assertiveness communication skills to get what they want or need in response to scenarios.

Mystery Readers

If you have an interest in reading a story to the class, please email Mr. Hagen to arrange a time and day. This is a wonderful way to model your love of reading, share a story with an important message, and spend time with your child at school. Dads, don't be shy!