Severity of Burns!

1st Degree Burns

  • Burns the first layer of your skin
  • Does not require much attention unless very large
  • Ex: Sunburn, Scalds, Electricity
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2nd Degree Burns

  • Extends beyond the top layer of skin
  • Causes skin to blister & become extremely red and sore
  • Sometimes take more than 3 weeks to heal
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3rd Degree Burns

  • Damages every layer of the skin
  • The damages could go as far as the bloodstream, bones, and organs
  • Can damage nerves to the point you do not feel pain
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  • Keep children away from kitchen
  • Turn pot handles away from you
  • Keep fire extinguishers up to date
  • Keep smoke detectors up to date
  • Have electrical outlet covers
  • Wear sunscreen
  • Check for exposed wires
  • Have fire escape plans