Media literacy


Media Lit

Media is lots of ways to get information to me. It shows and tells me what’s new, and how things have changed. It’s a way to communicate through anything you need too. I think media is like a broadcast of something that you can get through your in newspapers, TV, radio, direct mail, billboards, telephone, fax, and internet. You can store the media on recordings, Cd’s and Dvd’s. Many are all through electronics but you can get it from people or the newspaper which are not electronic. There are many types of media. There are over a hundred types of media that have different meanings. All are relevant to the media base but have many different types of stories. They can be about the same topics but no matter have different views. Many show through hearing, viewing, or maybe even feeling but they have their own ways to show the media. Media is a small word but has many meanings for it. Media has many things to give to everyone but some people just ignore it. It’s hard to ignore it because it’s everywhere and you can’t really hide from it but it’s out there. Although, it’s everywhere it doesn’t mean that you have to believe every single thing that is said because many of things that are said can be false or wrongly accused. So the media is a great way to get your news and learn new stories but be sure to never let the media choose your decisions because many are wrong and have a poor type of relation with the story.