Castleburg Brewery & Taproom


Thank you....

Thank you all for your questions, concerns, support, and help with getting Castleburg Brewery OPEN. We are still working hard toward that goal of opening our doors, but have run into a few issues. As investors, customers, and friends, we want to keep you all informed.
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Happy New Year!

Castleburg Brewery & Taproom would like to wish you all a very happy & healthy 2016! It's going to be a great year!
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If you contributed to the Kickstarter and haven't picked up your rewards, please do so as soon as you can. We need to clear out the space as much as possible. You can text Karl at 804-339-8299 to see when he will be at the brewery. Thank you for your contribution, but come get your stuff!

Opening Date

We do NOT have an opening date yet. We will keep you posted on this very important piece of information.
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We've had some set-backs with the plumbing in the building. This has been our major issue with opening. We had to dig up portions of the floor, and put in larger pipes to handle all the water that will be leaving the building. We found out today (2/3/16) that our plumbing permits have been approved, so this work with be moving forward immediately!
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City of Richmond

The City of Richmond has been a bit slow, but we made a friend yesterday with one of the inspectors. Hopefully we can persuade them with beer and keep this puppy moving!

Work that is complete:

  • Walls are painted
  • Fermenter closets are built
  • Walk In Cooler is up....not running yet, but will be soon!!
  • Bar Top is made
  • Tables are made
  • Drink rails are made
  • Taps are up (not connected)
  • Kegs are in
  • Brew Stand is here (not hooked up yet)
  • Walls have been built
  • Floors have been cleared of tile & carpet. Still needs to be sealed.
  • ABC Permit and TTB Permits have been received
  • Electrical should be complete soon

Work that is NOT complete:

  • Plumbing (bathrooms, sinks, gas for the brew stand)
  • Refrigeration for the Walk In Cooler (to be done soon)
  • Seal the concrete floors
  • Paint the Logo on one or more of the walls
  • Decorate
  • Hang light fixtures
  • Purchase bar stools
  • Sign for the outside of the building and door
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Graphic Artist

Rhonda contacted the VCU Department of Graphic Arts to see if anyone would be interested in producing some artwork for the brewery based on the names of the beers. We found a wonderful young lady for the job. Her name is Holly and she loves craft beer. And, she is 21 so she can get paid in beer! (At least for the moment). She wants to build her portfolio and have bragging rights for being Castleburg's Graphic Artist. We can't wait to show you what she has come up with for the Castleburg Cream Ale, Bishop's Brown and Black Knight. It's very cool.

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