Adults Need Nap Time!

An easy solution to a prevalent problem.

A Project By: Kayla Wilcox & Emma Eugene

About 40% Of People In America Don't Get Enough Sleep

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Naps Aren't Just For Kids

If jobs provided workers with time during the workday to take a short snooze, employees' productivity and mental health would greatly increase.

Workers who have been given nap time have reported that after their short sleep they succeeded more at their job.

For instance, when Michael Volpor was asked what he thought about his extra rest time at work he said that, “...getting 20 or 30 minutes to pay back some of the sleep I lost the night before can make me so much more effective" (Volpor 4).

When provided with time to rest, the work ethic in employees who may have lost sleep the previous night will increase and companies will get more things done in a day.

Research has also shown that workers who rest are more cooperative and focused.

To show this, Chad Brooks, a Senior Writer for Business News Daily, has found that "Providing employees with napping pods or offering extended breaks can improve their productivity by counteracting impulsive behavior and boosting tolerance for frustration..." (Brooks 2).

When given extended breaks employees not only do better at work, but they also earn better social skills. With a boosted tolerance for frustration, employees can easily get through challenges during the day.
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"When the going gets tough, the tough take a nap" (Tom Hodgkinson).

If every job were to include a sleeping break in their daily activities, companies and factories would get more work done because of the staff member's increased energy and readiness to complete tasks. Permitted naps during work will not only benefit the employees, but will also benefit the workplace environment by increasing worker's chances of getting along with the help of counteracting forces against impulsive behavior.