Mrs. Skogstad's News

4th Grade MOSAIC

What We've Been Working on in Class!

We have been busy learning many new things in school! In Science, we are learning about electricity and circuits. We will be attending the Bakken House on Wednesday for an exciting field trip! Please be sure to send in a brown-bagged lunch for your child to take on the field trip. We have started Genius Hour and have had lessons on researching, finding reliable websites, and synthesizing information. These skills are definitely a work in progress, but important skills that the students will utilize for their entire lives.

In math, we are learning how to do multi-digit multiplication and long division. We are continuing to practice our math facts and fact keep practicing at home! We have been working on many multi-step math problems in class as well and working on our critical thinking skills.

In reading, we are learning about the literary elements. We have worked in depth on character traits and we have analyzed the character traits of our characters in our last read aloud "Fish in a Tree." The students really enjoyed this book and participating in the Global Read Aloud. This week, we will be focusing on the plot elements and we will also be starting a big ABC Book Project. Your child will be picking their book this week for the project.

In writing, we are finishing up our personal narratives and are getting ready to publish them. We have worked on developing our writing over the last couple of months and we are making good progress. We have found feedback from our peers to be beneficial to the writing process.

In Social Studies, we have been learning about the Canadian Regions and the students had their first group presentation. They worked hard to collaborate and to each contribute to the work.

We have also started blogging on KidBlog this past week and we will be utilizing that more in class and at home. Our new read aloud this month is "Crenshaw" by Katherine Applegate. We have started to record our thoughts in our reading notebooks while we listen to read aloud.

Eden Prairie Science Fair Information

11th Annual K-12 Science Fair — Save the date! The Science Fair will be held on Saturday, March 5, 2016. This Community Education run event involves over 200 students and hundreds of volunteers each year. More information about the Science Fair is on our website at


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