Baseball Infielding

By:Bailey Hinson

About Baseball Infielding

A infielder is a player who is stationed at one of the four bases in the infield.A infielder stops the runner from getting on base and from getting home to make a point.Infielders try to get outs as fast as they can so they can bat.Infielders try to stop the ball from getting on the grass so the runner doesn't get to the next base.If a infielder makes a catch in the air without the ball touching the ground it is a out.If a infielder catches the ball and gets a out then the runner on a base has to run back to the base they were on or the infielder can get the ball and tag the runner and get them out.That is what a infielder is.

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You can tag the runner to get them out.

Interesting Facts about Baseball Infielding

Some interesting facts about infielding is if the ball goes foul and a infielder catches it without it hitting the ground then the batter is out.It is interesting that you can make a triple play by yourself.Shortstop is the most active position and first base is the most important.Thirdbase requires greater anticipation and quicker reflexes.That is what is interesting about infielding.