4/29/2015 Negotiation Update


Conversation continued today as we moved through articles I - XV.

  • Union Proposal - Article XIV Subd. 2 Reduction of hours - The union is proposing that the reduction in hours language for ECFE teachers could be changed to one class per week or two hours per week whichever is smaller (without regard to seniority). Additionally, the union proposes to change the number of hours assigned to a teacher at the start of a school year to be the larger (not the average) of the teacher's fall and spring hours of the previous year.

  • Union Proposal - Article XIV Subd. 4 Contracted ECFE Positions - The union proposes to add: c. if an hourly teacher maintains a fiscal year FTE status of .75 or greater for two consecutive years, that teacher must be offered a contracted position.
  • d. For ECFE, School Readiness, other early childhood or ABE, at no time will the ratio of the total hourly fiscal FTE to total Contracted Fiscal FTE exceed 9:5.
  • Add a stipend for cell phone use for home visitors. This would be a stipend for teachers who have home visits as a part of their normal duties.

  • Schedule C Proposals
  • District Proposal - To add a Speed and Strength coach position at each high school for five seasons running all year long.
  • District Proposal - To add an elementary musical position. This would cover elementary music programs that wish to perform a musical at their buildings.
  • Union Proposal - To add Fall Marching Band position in addition to the current Summer Marching Band position and to delineate seasons.
  • Union Proposal - To add WGI (Winter Guard International) related performing ensembles. This would include Winter Guard, Winter Drumline, and WGI Winds groups.

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