Hera the Goddess of marriage

Made by Emilie

Important facts about Hera

Mother- Rhea

Father- Cronus

Children- None

Spouse- Zeus

Roman Name- Juno

Why did I chose Hera?

I chose Hera because she is a strong independent woman. She has a nice personality. She was a great queen. Hera is a beautiful goddess. Hera is like me be because she is independent. Hera likes the peacock and I to think its a cool bird. Hera and I have many siblings. Her favorite flower is the poppy and my favorite flower is the Poppy.

Hera's symbols are the peacock and the cow.

10 facts about Hera

Top 10

  1. Zeus is Hera's brother and husband
  2. Hera hated zeuses son (from a mortal woman) so much she tried to kill her.
  3. Hera was the queen of the Olympians.
  4. Zeus had many affairs derived from ceremonies in which the new sky God "married" various woman.
  5. Hera is immortal.
  6. After zeuses affairs Hera was still worshiped as a strong leader.
  7. At one point Hera was said not to be the queen of the Olympians but Athena was.
  8. The culture known as "old European" did not fear the aggression of Zeus and Hera.
  9. It is said that only woman were worshiped for procreation.
  10. Hera was worshiped all over, the most important temples were consecrated to her.
Hera - The Greek Goddess of Marriage, Childbirth, Families