Super Solar Cookies!

By: Hannah and Grace

Our Experiment and Materials

In our experiment we are baking solar cookies! We are using two different size shoeboxes,one heat lamp, cookie dough, foil, two thermometers, and an IPod timer. We will keep up with the cookies so they are fit for human consumption. We hope everything goes well!

Our hypothesis

We think that the smaller solar oven will bake the cookies the fastest because of the box being small, the air will heat up faster than the big solar oven causing the cookies to cook faster because of the temperature difference.

Variables and Controlled Conditions

Our independent variable is the size of the boxes. Our dependent variable is the temperatures the cookies will cook in. We will make sure that we keep the time in the light source the same and baking the same amount of cookies in each solar oven.

Procedure We Will Use

1. We will paste black paper on the boxes.

2. We will spread foil inside both boxes.

3. We lay an even amount of cookies in each box evenly spaced.

4. We will put a thermometer under one cookie per box.

5. We close the boxes to begin the cooking process.

6. We check the cookies every three minutes for 36 minutes.

7. Eat our solar cookies.



*We noticed the cookies didn't cook in the time given. We think that because we took the lids off pretty often and didn't give the that much time to cook with the lids on.
*We also noticed that when we were about 20 minutes into it, the small box of cookies started to bake when the large solar oven cookies did not. We think that because the temperatures inside the smaller box was higher than the larger box.

Correct or Incorrect?

Our hypothesis was correct! The smaller oven cooked faster, we think it cooked quicker because the heat was more contained and couldn't just float around, which caused a higher temperature. We learned that solar baking cookies will take more time then 1 hour to bake and that it isn't the most helpful way to cook cookies. We also learned that when solar baking, you must keep the cookies in the Sun, it takes more time to get them started.