Welcome to Spanish 1 NCVPS

Sections 1 & 3 - Sra. Lewis


I want to welcome all of you to the Summer 2015 Spanish 1 Moodle classes. I am Nancy Lewis and will be teaching quite a few of your students. After finishing a very successful spring with students attaining skills that blew me away, I am truly excited to see what students working an 8 week curriculum will be able to do when they finish the course. The work is rigorous and time intensive but when they finish they will be impressed at what they are able to do in Spanish.

Please let students know to begin with the START HERE/GETTING STARTED MODULE - it has activities to help them learn how to use Moodle and it is required. There are about 10 graded assignments done in English to help them learn the online process.

Costa Rica

We will be studying Costa Rica during the 18 week course. Everything is geared to the country and their culture in contrast and comparison to ours. To view and print the entire Schedule of Assignments, click here. I would recommend you have each student print a copy and mark off each assignment as they submit it and then add the grade they receive by that. The grade book is somewhat confusing as it is not in chronological order but by topics. Sometimes that confuses the students. This is an easy way for them to keep up with the work they have done and/or still need to do and submit.

Regarding their grades, if they notice something hasn't been graded after a couple of days then they should message me in Moodle so i can check to see if the grader app is missing something. I try to keep their work graded on a daily basis.

Please encourage students to read the feedback on their work. Some assignments can be resubmitted for a higher grade. If they miss a portion of the assignment or miss the boat completely, I will give them between a 0 and 50 as a red flag for them to see they need to fix something and then resubmit. Once they do that, the grade may be changed depending on the work they do. All speaking assignments should be done - students usually score highly on these and let's face it - any grade is better than a zero! Please keep after them to do these. I'm the only one who hears them speak and I do provide audio feedback to help them improve their pronunciation. There are plenty of files throughout the course to help them as well.

One last, very important item to share with them...At the end of each unit, students will be showcasing what they have learned in a unit project done online to help them learn computer skills as well as Spanish. There are no final unit tests, only the unit projects. Students cannot pass the course without doing these projects (25% of the average). We encourage them to use their vocabulary lists and do a short, simple sentence paragraph demonstrating what they have learned in each of the unit's lessons. The more they do the less their mistakes count and the more they have a chance to improve along the way. Remind them that they should not be trying to write at the same level they are able to write in English - they are beginners, novices at Spanish and should be happy to write a short, simple sentence in the present tense at this stage of their learning... no past, future, conditional, etc. tenses will be used in this course, at all.

Nancy Lewis

I am really happy to be working with your students and you this summer. Please encourage your students to contact me with questions regarding their work, grades, whatever. If they are having a busy week and unable to work as much as they should - a heads up from them would be nice. Let them know it is ok to work ahead as long as they work in order of assignments. I honestly find that those students who communicate with me on a regular basis are the ones that do the best in an online environment. They should not be afraid to contact me via phone, text, BB-IM or Moodle messages. This is my job and I am their best resource for questions, help, suggestions, resources, etc. I am here to help them be successful and attain their goals.