Stoops' Scoop

February 14, 2020- Edition 10

District Vision

We provide exceptional educational experiences that inspire, challenge and prepare each student to achieve personal and academic success.

District Receives $100,000 Staff Wellness Grant

Mt. Angel School District Staff have received a $100,000 grant from OEA Choice Trust to improve the health and well-being of all district employees. The grant provides up to $30,000 per year over 5 years. The title on the grant is, "Mt. Angel School District Employee Wellness Program". The physical and mental health of staff is integral to promoting and protecting the health of students and helps foster their academic success. We will provide updates on the developments and activities from this grant as they transpire.

Kennedy High School Hosts Blood Drive

On January 15, 2020, the Kennedy High School HOSA Students (Future Health Professionals) hosted a Blood Drive. Their goal was to get 36 donors. They exceeded their goal with 47 students and staff giving blood during the one-day event that took over the JFK Gym for the day. The HOSA students contracted with Bloodworks NW for the blood drive. Bloodworks NW staff shared that about 30% of their total blood donations come from schools hosting their blood bank team. Good Job HOSA! Great way to serve your community and contribute to those in need.

Kennedy High School Receives 2nd CTE Revitalization Grant

Kennedy High School is the recipient of a Career and Technical Education (CTE) Grant of $125,000. This grant creates opportunities for students in grades 9-12 to explore careers in high skill high wage jobs by adding a Career Exploration Class for students in grade 10. By the end of this grant the following three goals will be met: 1. All high school students will earn a minimum of 6 CTE credits prior to graduating, 2. 175 students will have enrolled in Control Tower and earned a minimum of 3 academic badges, 3. 30 students will have participated in a paid summer work experience. Autumn Traeger has been hired to coordinate the requirements of the grant, and teach the Career Exploration Class during the 2020-2021 school year. Principal Dale Pedersen and Autumn are pictured above.

District Continues Planning for Student Investment Account Application

This survey is one of the components for engaging parents and collecting feedback as we plan for, and prioritize the needs of our school district. The questions in this survey focus on the four areas of allowable activities for spending in the Student Success Act (SSA); Reducing Class Size, Well-Rounded Education, Instructional Time and Health and Safety. The results of the previous community survey included 38% of responses for Social and Behavioral Support for students and staff, and 38% of responses asking for Additional Opportunities for students. This survey builds off of the previous feedback with more specific questions about the four areas of the SSA. Thank you for taking time to provide feedback. This information will be used to complete our District SSA Plan and improve teaching and learning in Mt. Angel Schools. English Survey: Spanish Survey:

St. Mary's Public School Hosts Parent Input Meeting

On February 7th, St. Mary's Public School hosted a parent input meeting to engage parents in the planning process for school improvement. Principal Katie Voss provided parents with school data being monitored for goals in the District Strategic Plan, engaged parents in collaborative activities and collected feedback on how we can improve teaching and learning at St. Mary's. The district is coordinating parent meetings, community/staff/student surveys and making phone interviews with parents as well. Feedback collected will provide guidance in development of the Student Investment Act (SIA) Application, which will be presented to the school board at the regular board meeting March 9, 2020. The public will have an opportunity to provide comment to the board at the same meeting. The SIA application must be submitted by April 15th. We encourage you to take 5-10 minutes to complete the English survey at this link: Spanish link: . This survey can also be found on our website at

Mt. Angel Bus Drivers Have New Wheels

Big picture
Mt. Angel School District Transportation Department has a new bus in the barn. Driver Bonnie -Jean Brown is showcasing the new bus recently purchased. The new addition is part of the district's progress towards upgrading all diesel buses made prior to 2006. To meet Federal Emissions Standards all public school buses must be upgraded by the year 2025. This bus is equipped with a wheel chair lift. A national warranty settlement assisted by providing $30,000 towards the purchase. Our drivers have routes that extend to several districts across the Willamette Valley.