Monday Morning Memo

Week of September 19 to September 23, 2016

Northwoods Park Middle School


Excellence. Every Student. Every Day.


The Northwoods Park Middle School community will prepare students to be globally competitive leaders and responsible citizens in the 21st century.


Inspiring learners to open global gateways


Monday, Sept. 19--Progress reports go home at the end of the day for all students along with fees owed forms for students who have not paid school fees

Monday, Sept. 19--Softball @ Trexler

Tuesday, Sept. 20--Football vs. SWMS at home

Wednesday, Sept. 21--Softball vs. SWMS at home

Thursday, Sept. 22--ERPD with dismissal at 11:50; lunch will be set up in the PD room by 10:30; all PD sessions begin at 1:00 pm across the district. All ELA, Math, Science, and Social Studies teachers will stay at NWPMS for this first ERPD day.

Thursday, Sept. 22--ZAP day

Thursday, Sept. 22--AVID Site Team meeting cancelled

Friday, Sept. 23--Bright Ideas Grant Deadline--all licensed staff participate in this funding opportunity

NOTE: All staff must secure their classrooms and leave campus prior to 6:30 pm Monday to Thursday and 5:30 pm on Friday.

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This Week>>>>>Pre-Assessments @ the Park

Pre-Assessments will occur September 19-23 in ELA, Math, Math I and Science Grade 8. Study Island will be used for the pre-assessments.

Monday-- Benchmark Bell Schedule (attached to email with MMM link)

Tuesday--Benchmark Bell Schedule (attached to email with MMM link)

Wednesday--Regular Bell Schedule with Science Grade 8 testing in the morning in all homerooms

Thursday--Early Release Bell Schedule and our first School-wide Literacy Lesson facilitated by our Literacy Leaders (formerly Receipt Buddies)

Friday--Regular Bell Schedule with Math I testing during their regular class time

Pre-Assessment Checklist

  1. Check email for testing pull out sessions and test administrator assignments to know where your homeroom students will go and with whom they will test; Pull out test administrators will pick up students from homeroom before 8 am; do not send students. Notify front office if students have not been picked up by 8:10 am.
  2. ELA teachers must check and/or activate the Diagnostic/Pre-Assessment on Monday for all classes prior to testing
  3. Math teachers must check and/or activate the Diagnostic/Pre-Assessment on Tuesday for all classes prior to testing
  4. Grade 8 Science teachers must check and/or activate the Diagnostic/Pre-Assessment on Wednesday for all classes prior to testing
  5. Math I teacher must check and/or activate the Diagnostic/Pre-Assessment on Friday prior to testing
  6. Have you picked up EVIDENCE sheets for students to use when taking the ELA and Math pre-assessments? This is a school wide strategy to encourage students to slow down and think about the questions and answers on assessments. EVIDENCE sheets are in the front office and in Ms. Sarmento's office.

Grading Reminder from Staff and Student Handbooks

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ERPD is Thursday, September 22

We will begin dismissal at 11:50 am for car riders, then bus riders and walkers/bike riders.

Lunch will be a Potluck Fiesta in the PD Room

Admin will provide all the paper products, lemonade and tea.

Sign up to bring your favorite dish to share.

The sign up sheet is in the front office.

Let's have a variety of main dishes, salads, side dishes, and desserts.

PD sessions begin at 1:00 across the district providing plenty of time for everyone to eat before leaving for their sessions.

ELA, Math, Science and Social Studies teachers remain at NWPMS for this first ERPD and will need to be in the Media Center no later than 12:50 for the Onslow View meeting with the other middle schools that is scheduled to begin at 1:00 pm. Bring your technology.

NCEES--Beginning the 2016-17 Evaluation Process

The window for licensed staff to initiate their evaluation process opens on September 15 with two steps that must be completed and marked with green checks.

1. Setting your orientation date (August 29, 2016) in NCEES

2. Completing and Sharing your annual self-assessment in NCEES

Both tasks should be completed between September 15 - September 21.

NOTE: PDP's--As we have done previously, we will develop PDP's together during planning period meetings after the initial steps above are completed.

Let's READ @ the Park!

The time before and/or after lunch is to be used for silent reading in all grade levels for all classes. Be sure your students have a personally selected book to read during this time. Don't use this time for classroom assigned reading, to make up work or to complete homework. Bring a book and read with your students. Model lifelong reading!


Which class in each grade can read the most books during the first semester?

Look for Reading Challenge details soon!!

REMINDER: Turn in any beginning of the year paperwork to include contact information sheets, 1:1 paperwork, etc.

Bright Ideas Grants

100% participation by September 23, 2016

Grants up to $500 for individual

Grants up to $2000 for teams

You may be the lead teacher on only one grant proposal, but a team member on more than one.

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Time to start getting the word out about our 2nd Annual Dolphin Dash Color Run to your friends, your family, your neighbors.

Staff are asked to find two business sponsors and assist on the day of the event.

Tutu making event TBD.

Promote the event in all of your classes!

The more you talk about it, the more excited you are, the more excited the students will be!

Our goal is to double last year's participation from 200 to 400 registered participants.

Cynergistic Energy Management

1. Turn out lights every time you leave a room (this includes copy rooms, bathrooms, offices, etc)

2. Lock your classroom door, turn out lights, and lock your door when your room is unoccupied for any amount of time.

3. Make it a habit to be energy aware at school just as you are at home.

4. Turn off all electronics before leaving for the day.

5. Raise or lower blinds to appropriate level and slant blinds back.

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