Inquiry Project

Practicing Multimodality!

Student Observations

I have been observing students work through the process of writing while working on a writing assignment. Here are a few things I have observed so far...

  • Lots of silence at first; however, as students start to warm up to discussing their process work, lots of busy and exciting sounds.
  • Students aren't wanting to rely on their own thoughts, but those of others... "Well, you're smart..."
  • It was hard for them to stay focused on the one component we were dealing with. They want to jump to product!
  • "Do we have to work in groups?"
  • Can't we just pick our own groups?"
  • Some students really struggled to share their process ideas with others... afraid they would steal them :)

From "The Five-Paragraph Essay and the Deficit Model of Education"

"They speak a logic that is important to challenge precisely because this logic perpetuates the commonsense myth that the five-paragraph theme is an actual 'form,' and that 'forming' in writing is simply slotting information into prefabricated formulas rather than a complex process of meaning-making and negotiation between a writer's purposes and audiences' needs."

The Sounds of Process Work

Kali Oldacre

Process Work by Kali Oldacre