Business Analyst

Aaliyah Tolver

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Career Research Requirements

Career Description

Advise managers on how to make organizations more profitable. By showing what can increase profit also the companies efficiency and growth improve the companies competitiveness and performance

Duties & Responsibilities

Improves organizations efficiency as well as profit also its growth also translates the wants and needs of costumers by increasing a companies rank through reduced cost and increased revenue makes recomendations based on data

Education Requirements

Bachelors degree is expected for this position

math science and technical skills educational training can be obtained in high school and colleges, two-year community colleges, four-year colleges and career technical schools/institutes. some organization require employees have Master of Business Administration (mba) not only education requirements but soft skills as well

Job Outlook

The job outlook for a Business Analyst is expected to grow about 19 percent between the year 2012 and 2022 more than the average rate for other occupations which is 11 percent

Salary and Work Environment

The annual wage for a business analyst is $78,600 meaning $37.79 per hour Because having to meet with several clients and even potential clients analyst travel very often

Business Analyst Career Advice/Career Connections

Employees of Capitol One give advice and work experience to those looking into becoming an analyst at capitol one or any other company interviewers ask questions that listeners can take advice from
Business Analyst Careers at Capital One

High School Preparation Requirements

Related Courses at East Leyden

The job of Business Analyst requires a lot of work, preparation and leadership. When it comes to choosing your college major, it's best to have knowledge of the subject by taking the courses that your high school has to offer. Leyden has a long list of Business classes that help prepare students for the career of a Business Analyst. Two courses that stood out more to me would be Entrepreneurship and Sports and Marketing. Entrepreneurship allows student to apply business owning techniques by job shadowing and business simulations. Sports and Marketing teaches students the basic principles of marketing: product, promotion, price and distribution.

Extra Curricular Activities

Leyden offers extra curricular activities to prepare students for their postsecondary careers. The activities I feel will help me in my journey towards becoming a business analyst are Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) and Student Council. FBLA prepares students for successful careers by participating in community service events and business competitions. Student Council fosters leadership and school involvement.

Work/Volunteer Experiences

Any job can prepare you for a future career as far interpersonal, communication and soft skills. For example, a retail job will help with customer interaction and marketing the products.


Bill Mitchell - Student Council Adviser

Sally Lakdawala - Sports& Marketing teacher

Bill Winston -Pastor of Living Word Christian Center

Post-secondary plan

As far as my post- secondary plans. I plan on going to a four year where I want to double major in business and entertainment my dream college is University Of California. Los Angeles. Other courses that will help me become a successful business analyst would be communication, finance, as well as introduction to finance.