Animal Testing

By: Olivia Soto

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What are the benefits of animal testing for humans?

The pro of animal testing is finding drugs and treatments to improve health and medicine. There are already some lifesaving medical breakthroughs that are the result of animal testing. For example, open heart surgery, organ transplants, insulin, vaccines for deadly diseases and many more.

Cons of animal testing

The bad part about animal testing is that animals have the right to live their own lives. We should not be allowed to meddle and murder these animals.

Should household and cosmetic products be tested on animals?

It is not worth euthanizing animals for the benefit of mankind.

Cost to have animals tested?

The housing of the animals, feeding, carrying, treatment, and controlling the environment, is very expensive. The animals used for testing are usually secured from specific breeding facilities and come with a very high price tag.

How should the situation be handled?

We should handle this situation by reducing and to replace cosmetic and household animal testing. Investigators and scientists should search for alternative test models if possible.
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