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Marian Central Catholic High School Faculty Newsletter

October 12, 2019

Reflecting on the past week...

As we came off the "high" of Homecoming and were back to business in the classrooms, there was a distinct "hummmm" of productivity through the halls. I was able to get into a few classes this week and saw some really amazing and engaging things! Juniors were working on their term papers, French students were acting out a real-life daily routine using typical conversation... all in French, and one of the Engineering classes were testing out their catapults! (check out the pictures below!) I really do love stepping into the classroom to see authentic learning going on... thank you to our wonderful faculty!

Both our first and second year mentor teams are beginning to arrange reciprocal observations in order to learn from each other. A reminder to any of the mentor/mentee pairs... if you need either Joe Price or me to cover your class in order to step into one that will most directly benefit your growth, do not hesitate to make arrangements with us! (give us a couple days heads up, please!)

Over all, our practice for the new Evacuation Drill procedures seemed to go well. After the emergency response team (ERT) post-gamed it, we were able to determine a couple adjustments that needed making, but we feel very strongly that this procedure will be of benefit to all. Please refer to the email Mr. J Price sent out Thursday to make sure you understand...

- the proper use of the red & green cards,

- which ERT member you are to report to, and

- ensuring that you have these directions in your sub plans at all times.

And as usual, any input on improving the process is always welcomed!

Speaking of subs, beginning this Thursday (first day back to school) everyone will be aware via email of who is out of the building and who their sub is. Please be a good colleague and touch base with our subs from time to time to ensure they have what they need! Thank you!

With Semester 1 Midterm being this Thursday, I would hope that all teachers have been pro-active in notifying parents if their student is currently at a D or F. A simple email would suffice. To be honest though, only about 8 teachers have cc'd me on these emails, and I know that there are more than 8 teachers who have students with Ds or Fs. If you just forgot to cc me, please send me copies of those emails. I want to be able to support you if a parent calls, so I would appreciate the data in which I can use to do that. Thank you!

Finally, we hope that everyone who attended enjoyed the Diocesan inservice this past Friday. Personally, I thought the mass was a perfect way to begin our day together. I absolutely loved hearing so many joining in to sing during mass! The two main speakers were also quite engaging! We hope that you had some useful takeaways that will prove valuable. For those of you who were not able to go to this inservice and/or did not receive the email, please click here for the powerpoint from Rick Wormeli's presentation.

Additionally, if you attended the Diocesan inservice, please make sure that you fill out the evaluation form (found in your green folders) and return them to Ms. Novy by the end of the week. It is really important that you fill these out, not only for the state, but also so we can utilize your valuable feedback as the Diocese looks to plan future inservice workshops. Thank you.

What's coming up?

Well, it certainly will be a short week! (at least for the students) Please make sure you take some time to relax and enjoy the crisp fall air as we have Monday off for Columbus Day.

Tuesday will be a full day inservice day. Please wear your 60th Anniversary Marian T-Shirts for a Staffulty picture! We will start at 7:30am with a continental breakfast in the cafeteria and the meetings will start promptly at 8:00. Please be on time. Marian will also be providing lunch for all, so no need for you to bring anything. Be ready for a productive day! See the agenda here.

Wednesday is National Testing Day. 9th & 10th Graders will be taking the Pre-ACT and our 11th graders will be taking the PSAT. Proctors, please make sure that before students begin, let them know that although there is no studying to prepare for these tests, they are still important as both predictors of future ACT results and potential merit scholarship qualification. Please see the attached proctor/monitor list for your room and test assignments. Things to remember include...

- be here early enough so that you would have picked up all of your testing material NO LATER THAN 7:30 pm in the Guidance office

- students will be arriving as if it were a normal school day; the warning bell will ring at 8:00 am and students should be in their seats in the proper rooms ready to go by 8:05 am

- 9th & 10th graders will most likely complete their Pre-ACT by about 11:45 am where the 11th graders will not be done with their PSAT until about 12:00 pm... so NO 9th/10th graders will be allowed upstairs.

- Buses will be running just like a regular noon dismissal

After testing and dismissal of the students, we will be providing pizza for the Staffulty in the cafeteria, after which we have a short inservice. Please click here for that agenda.

We finally get back into the classroom on Thursday, but hopefully with a couple more tools in our toolbelt! As we all know, as educators, we never stop learning, honing our craft, and finding new ways to reach our students. I thank you all for being open to the material that was and will be presented.

With regards to Thursday, Marian's volleyball team will be honoring all those affected by breast cancer by having a "Pink Out" at Thursday night's game. Therefore, we are allowing our volleyball team (all levels) to wear their pink t-shirts/jerseys with their uniform pants throughout the day. (Click here for the volleyball player rosters) Staffulty is encouraged to wear something pink Thursday as well... whether it is a pink shirt with dress slacks, or even a pink dress to recognize the occasion. The volleyball players will also be selling suckers in the cafeteria during all lunches both Thursday and Friday this week. The proceeds from both the sucker sales and that night's volleyball game will go towards funding the LeAnn Golembiewski (mother of player, Jenna Golembiewski)'s memorial scholarship fund, which is a college scholarship for a Marian graduating senior. For any Staffulty interesting in donating, there will be an envelope in the faculty lounge all week. Thank you for supporting this worthy cause!

Friday morning I am holding my first Principal's Coffee. For those of you who are new to Marian, I initiated these coffees to open the lines of communication between me (and administration as a whole) and the parents of our school. Oftentimes we receive good feedback and ideas that we may not have otherwise gotten without this kind of communication. As I have in the past, if there is anything that would be beneficial to all of you, I will be sure to share!

Have a wonderful week!

Engineering Class Launching their Catapults!


This is just a little reminder about the new Diocesan policy on timesheets.

All hourly and salaried employees are required to fill out timesheets.

- Turn them in to Mrs. Murwin on the 15th and 30th/31st of each month.

- put your start time and end time.

- If you are out for a conference put the time and put conference in reason.

- If you are gone late for coaching, etc. put the time and put FB coach, VB coach, etc.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to Mr. Shukis or Mrs. Murwin.

Catechist Certification Opportunities

DeKalb Deanery Offers:

All Prerequisites

Level 1 Parts 1 & 2

All held at St. Mary's in DeKalb

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(**NEW) McHenry Deanery Catechist Classes:

Level 1 Classes offered at St. Joseph's in Richmond

Click here for the topics & dates!

Professional Development Opportunities & Resources

Teacher's Teacher : A wide variety of online courses are offered, designed to meet the changing needs of teachers.

Reading & Writing Seminars & Podcasts

ASCD Webinars: A variety of online webinars. Here you can access recent or archived professional learning.

The WE Teachers program

Walgreens is funding the development of WE Teachers. This new program will be available to educators nationwide at no cost, equipping them with the tools and resources to address critical social issues in their classrooms.

The WE Teachers program includes:

  • Online modules and curriculum to address critical social issues
  • Training sessions and professional learning
  • Online teacher platform and social community
  • WE Teachers Awards, which help to supplement the cost teachers spend on classroom supplies
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Upcoming Technology PD:

The Learning Technology Center is hosting the 2019 Illinois Education and Technology Conference on Nov. 13-15 in Springfield. Educators, administrators, and IT leaders gather to explore digital age teaching and learning, technology integration strategies, modern instructional practices, digital tools and resources, and emerging trends. Register and find additional information about the conference.


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This Week's Schedule

As you work through your plans this week, please note these events. For a more detailed list, check out our school calendar, 8to18 Athletics Calendar or Clubs/Organizations Page

Saturday, October 12, 2019

9:30 am ~ Fall Play Set Building, Auditorium

Monday, October 14, 2019

NO SCHOOL: Columbus Day

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

NO STUDENTS; Full Day Teacher Inservice

PLEASE WEAR YOUR 60th ANNIVERSARY T-SHIRT for a Staffulty picture!

7:30 am ~ Continental Breakfast

8:00 am - 3:00 pm ~ Inservice Meetings

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

National Testing Day ~ Schedule

Staff arrives to pick up testing material NO LATER THAN 7:30 am

Testing begins @ 8:05 am

Testing will end by 12:00 pm

12:00 ~ Staff Lunch in the Cafeteria

1:00 - 3:00 pm ~ Inservice Meeting

Thursday, October 17, 2019

Semester 1 Midterm

STAFF WEARS PINK to support Volleyball's PINK OUT for Breast Cancer

Novy Out PM

Lunches ~ Adoration, Chapel

~ Volleyball sucker sales

2:35 pm ~ Confessions, Chapel

2:45 pm ~ Daily Mass, Chapel

3:00 pm ~ Fall Production Rehearsal, Auditorium

7:00 pm ~ Notre Dame Night, Auditorium

7:30 pm ~ Athletic Booster Club Meeting, Cafeteria

Friday, October 18, 2019

8:00 am ~ Principal's Coffee, Cafeteria

Lunches ~ Confession, Chapel

~ Volleyball sucker sales

2:35 pm ~ Confessions, Chapel

2:45 pm ~ Daily Mass, Chapel

3:00 pm ~ Fall Production Rehearsal

Saturday, October 19, 2019

9:00 am ~ Fall Production: Lights, Auditorium

6:30 pm ~ Freshmen/8th Grade Activity Night

Happy Birthday to...

Oct. 15 Ashley Kudla & Brooke Poci

Oct. 16 Vito DeFrisco