The New Order

An apocolyptic novel By Chris Weitz


The New Order's is written in different perspective with Jefferson and Donna as the main protagonists and Brainbox, peter, and kath as minor perspectives. The New Order's setting is in a world where there's an outbreak of a parasite that kills anyone who isn't in adolescence. The setting is in New York City where their is a colony called The Washington Square tribe whose leader is Jefferson. In The New order Brainbox a genius finds the cure to the parasite and contacted the United States Navy, but he didn't know any adults were alive because he was disconnected from the rest of the world and he thought the whole world was destroyed by the parasite. The Marines picked them up and brought them to an aircraft carrier and jailed and interrogated them. In the night one of the guards went into the cells and told Jefferson, Brainbox, Donna, And Peter a plan to escape the the marines they accept the plan because they do not want to live the rest of their lives in jail. The plan that was made was to go back to New York and start a government because the Navy wants to let the kids in the United States die out because they don't want the public to find out that their are kids still in the United states that are starving and dying. while executing the plan there's a fire that Donna tries to put out that disables her to get on the helicopter so she has to face the Marine's wraith. While Jefferson is going back to New York Donna is sent to England to be interrogated by British officials. Jefferson, peter, and Brainbox collect all of the rival colonies into the United Nations building to come up with laws and make a city state that isn't in total anarchy. In Britain Donna finds out why she is so important and that she needs to go back to New York and find the suitcase with the Nuclear launch codes that cant go to the wrong hands.
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Thomas is a 17 year old who is the leader of the Washington square tribe and one of the main protagonists. Thomas is a selfless teen who would die for the benefit of others this is what inspired him to go to an abandoned island to find the cure. he always does what is right even if that means going against the government and or breaking the law. In the end of the book Thomas is considered a god by the people around him because he was the one with the idea of getting the cure, he was the one who wanted to give the cure to everyone, and finally his blood and DNA are part of the cure.
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Donna is a 16 year old who is also one of the main protagonists. Donna is completely different from Thomas she isn't selfless like him, she thought it was a dumb idea to go to a random island to make a cure that was only dreamed of by others. She is very skeptical about everything because she has been betrayed so many times by people. When she found out that she was being betrayed by Rab (spy in Britain) she put a gun to his head even though she liked him with no thoughts of sadness within her.
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Brainbox is a silent hero in The New Order he only has two sections in the whole book where he talks none stop with no periods just one long stream of consciousness. Brainbox is a genius who went with Jefferson, Donna, and Peter to the island to make the cure. Brainbox thinks and acts differently then everyone else, he thinks very literally and he shows no emotion about things. At the end of the book Brainbox has the nuclear launch codes and has a sinister thought of using the launch code himself and he has a moment where he feels like a god over everyone.
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Chapel is a 20 year old who first said the plan to go to New York to start a city state. Chapel seems like a nice person who is strong, smart, and qualified to be in the Marines. Really Chapel is crazy, he was the one who wanted the nuclear launch codes to use against people. Chapel is very good at manipulating people by acting like their friend until he gets what he wants then he kills them that is what he tried to do to Jefferson and Brainbox who got to close to him thinking he would never betray them.
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United Nation Building

The United Nations building is the place Jefferson goes to get all of the colonies together. In the the U.N building Jefferson makes a city state that isn't in complete anarchy unlike previous New York City. When Jefferson goes into the U.N building for the first time he sees dead bodies everywhere because of a terrorist attack that occurred before the parasite. He imagines this is what will happen the day he proposes his idea for peace in the city.
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The parasite that destroys humanity in the United States kills everyone one except the kids in adolescents because the hormones in a kid in adolescent prohibits the parasite to reproduce and destroy the human. The only problem is that the parasite stays in the body until the end of adolescents to kill you when you turn 18. The parasite wasn't a natural occurrence because some scientists released it on accident without a cure, to stop the spread. when you turn 18 the parasite automatically starts and quickly kills you in one day with severe pain and no warning.


The New order is a good idea for a book but the author writes with a new perspective each chapter switching between mostly Jefferson and Donna and occasionally Peter, Brainbox ,and Kath. The author also ends most of the chapters with cliff hangers which starts to annoy me while I am reading especially when there is a big scene that needs to keep going to keep the intensity up. The only times I was enjoying the Book was when their was betrayal or fights going this might sound sinister but they were great plot twist. I would rather Recommend the previous book in the series because it is written better and it didn't feel rushed like The New Order.