As the scientific name,

Types of cells

The paramecium is a singled celled, eukaryotic cell.

The paramecium's apperance

  • The paramecium has many characteristics, including,
  • Covered in hair, aka Cilia ( fine hairlike filaments )
  • Their basic shape is an elongated oval with rounded/ pointed ends

The paramecium move in mysterious ways

paramecium moving

Where the paramecium lives

  • Paramecium live in aquatic environments, usually in stagnant, warm water. The species Paramecium burs-aria forms symbiotic relationships with green algae. The algae live in its cytoplasm.

How does it reproduce?

The paramecium is Sexual, and Asexual. That means, the paramecium does the reproductive system with two cells that combine their genetic material to produce a new cell, which has the characteristics of both generating cell.

Also, Asexual means it does the process of reproduction, by itself and produces offspring identical to itself.