Carolina northern flying squirrel

(Glaucomys sabrinus)

By: Addison Fox

Flying Squirrels

There are 2 species of flying squirrels in North Carolina, and this is the North one. The other one is the Southern one. Shown to the right is a picture of the Carolina Northern flying squirrel.

Where are they located?

In North Carolina they are located in the highlighted parts to the right, or in Western North Carolina.

Why is it in Danger?

Human impacts, along with some natural ones. However, it's mostly human ones, such as habitat destruction, pollution recreational development, etc.

What's being done to protect it?

There was a road that was putting them in danger because of predators and they couldn't glide far enough to go over it. Because of this problem, they put up 47ft tall poles that had short beams that extended partially across the road, and had hiding places for the squirrels to hide from predators. The poles helped them glide across the road.