January/February Newsletter

Libby Nickoli, Butler Elementary Principal

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Thank you!

Dear Parents and Care Givers,

I would like to thank you for all your hard work during our remote learning stint after Thanksgiving break. We are thrilled that our county is now designated as RED and will be returning to school on Tuesday, January 19th.

We would like to welcome back our students who participated in our our remote learning academy the first part of the school year. We are excited to see you in the building again!

In this Newsletter, you will find upcoming events as well as reminders that we would like you to share with your children. When we return on the 19th it will be like starting a new school year. We have been working from home for nearly two months and it will take time to re-establish our routines and expectations.

For those students returning to school for the FIRST time this year, please watch the video below so that you will understand our arrival and dismissal procedures as well as our expectations when transitioning throughout the building.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please call me at the school 419-883-3451 or email me at nickolil@clearfork.k12.oh.us.


Libby Nickoli, Principal

Please have your child watch the video below

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Click on the link for the latest Ohio Department of Health Guidance

MASK Updates

In order to keep our school open as well as avoid having your child quarantined, please follow our mask rules:

1. Students MUST have a mask when they report to the bus stop. We will be getting strict on this policy. If your child habitually does not have one, you will be asked to drive them to school.

2. Masks must be worn properly on the bus; over the nose and mouth. Please remind your child(ren) how to properly wear their mask.

3. Car riders must have a mask when they exit their vehicle and enter the building.

If you are in need of new masks, we still have quite a supply available in the office. Please send a baggie in with your child and we can provide them with enough to wear while you wash dirty ones. Tell your child to see Miss Sally or Mrs. Nickoli.

If we are wearing our masks properly, we can keep our bus drivers healthy and schools open. We appreciate your help and support!

Mask Discipline for Bus Riders

Progressive discipline steps:

First offense - written warning/building consequence

Second Offense - Removal from bus for 1 day

Third Offense - Removal from bus for 3 days

Fourth Offense - Removal from bus for 5 days

Fifth Offense - Removal from bus for 10 days

Sixth Offense - Remote Learning

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Breakfast and lunch are FREE for all students until the end of the school year. If your child would like to eat breakfast at school, make sure they arrive at 7:35 to allow them time to eat and get to class on time.

Students will be eating their lunches in their classrooms. We will be monitoring COVID cases and may revisit returning to the cafeteria before the end of the year. Microwaves are not available this year.

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Grade Card Change

Our second quarter ends on January 15th. Grade cards were originally scheduled to be sent home on January 22nd.

However, we are postponing sending grade cards home until January 26th. This will allow our teachers who assigned paper pencil or workbook activities before Christmas break with a due date of January 19th to grade and enter them in Progressbook.

We thank you for your understanding and flexibility.

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Spring AIR Testing Dates

April 13th and 14th

3rd grade ELA part I and part II

4th grade ELA part I and part II

5th grade ELA part I and part II

April 27th and 28th

3rd grade math

4th grade math

5th grade math

April 29th and 30th

5th grade science

Paper pencil Terra Nova will be given as the alternate 3rd grade assessment on May 6th.

Third Grade Reading Guarantee Update


Under newly enacted legislation for the 2020-2021 school year (Section 18 of House Bill 164 of the 133rd General Assembly), no district, community school, STEM school or chartered nonpublic school shall retain a student in the third grade who does not meet the promotion score of 683 on the Ohio’s State Test for grade 3 English language arts if the student's principal and reading teacher agree that other evaluations of the student's skills in reading demonstrate the student is academically prepared to be promoted to the fourth grade. This provision applies to students who are in third grade for the 2020-2021 school year and would be enrolling in the fourth grade for the 2021-2022 school year, unless retained.

The promotion score of 683 established as the basis for promotion for third grade students completing the 2019-2020 school year and who will be in fourth grade (unless retained) at the beginning of the 2020-2021 school year will remain the same for third grade students completing the 2020-2021 school year and who will be in fourth grade (unless retained) at the beginning the 2021-2022 school year.

In addition, the Ohio Department of Education has set the reading subscore alternative promotion score for Ohio's State Test for grade 3 English language arts at 46 for the 2020-2021 school year. Any student who scores 46 or higher on the reading subscore will be eligible for promotion at the end of the year, even if the student scores below 683 on Ohio's State Test for English language arts.

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Preschool Screening for 2021-2022 School Year

Are you interested in Clear Fork Preschool? If so, we welcome you to attend our preschool screening dates!


March 26th

April 9th




Butler Elementary

125 College Street

Butler, Ohio 44822

Important Items to Note:

The child must be 3 and potty trained (unless they receive services through an IEP)

An application must be picked up at Butler Elementary prior to the screening date and returned by March 5th. Please include a copy of the child’s birth certificate, social security number, and immunization records.

Applications can also be found online https://cfcolts.org/?page_id=235

Once the application and other documents are returned, our building secretary will contact families to schedule screening times. A parent does NOT need to accompany their child. A family member or babysitter may do so too.

On screening dates, our teachers will greet your child at the front door and do a COVID Health assessment. They will then report to the preschool classroom. Parents may wait in their car in our parking lot. Masks are encouraged but not mandatory. Social distancing protocols will be observed.

Families will be notified by April 30th if they have a spot in our program.

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2021-2022 Kindergarten Screening

All Kindergartners MUST BE 5 YEARS OLD on or before August 1st, 2021.

Pre-registration is REQUIRED. Click here for a link to the form https://cfcolts.org/?page_id=317 Forms can also be found at the elementaries, post offices, and libraries.

Please complete the application and return to your child’s school where you will receive a registration packet. Once we receive your completed application and registration packet your child will be scheduled for a screening time on one of the above dates.

Deadline for the Kindergarten Registration APPLICATION is March 26. The due date for the return of the complete packets is April 7.

Items that you MUST provide for registration:

  • COPIES of the child’s birth certificate

  • social security card/or number

  • immunization records

  • residency verification

  • and any custody papers (if applicable)

Please call Mrs. Wilson at Butler Elementary School if you have any questions.

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February 18th from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

As we did in November, we will offer parent teacher conferences for ONE Day. You will have the opportunity to schedule one in person or via ZOOM.

Students will be at home for a REMOTE learning day. Our teachers will be sending out more information in February.

Zoom Meetings

Parent/Teacher Conferences on ZOOM


The link above will take you to an article on how to download Zoom to your personal computer or smartphone. Please take a moment to do this before parent/teacher conferences in February. Our teachers will reach out to you with log in information and time for your conference.

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Are you interested in being a substitute teacher?

The Ohio Department of Education has provided new guidance on substitute teachers. If you are interested, please click on the links below. Our District goes through the Knox County ESC. Please contact them at 740-393-6767 if you would like to go through the process of getting credentialed.

New Educator Licensure Resource Updates Including One-Year Temporary Non-Bachelor's Substitute Teaching Licenses

The Ohio Department of Education today updated the Educator Licensure resource on its Reset and Restart Education webpage, including new information about one-year temporary non-bachelor's substitute teaching licenses.

Specifically, the Department is now accepting applications for one-year temporary non-bachelor’s substitute teaching licenses from interested schools and districts.

Questions may be directed to the Office of Educator Licensure.

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Virtual Assembly January 22, 2021

Last year we hosted The Original Ned Show. The NED Show® is produced by All for KIDZ®, Inc., and is an innovative, character education assembly. Using humor, storytelling, audience participation and amazing object lessons including yo-yo and magic tricks students learned through the adventures of NED, a character kids (and adults) can relate to. His name is an acronym for: Never Give Up, Encourage Others to Do Your Best® The NED Program uses a multi-sensory learning model to motivate, encourage and inspire students to become Champions at school and in life.

This year, we will be hosting Ned's Kindness Adventure. This virtual assembly will be using storytelling, music, interactive videos, magical illusions and audience participation, as they journey to Africa.

All for KIDZ®, Inc. partnered with Bidii Primary school in Nairobi, Kenya, who invited them (and their friend, NED, a lovable cartoon character) to visit their beautiful country. Although there was some fear and reluctance at first because of the differences, they quickly learn that they have something in common with the kids in Kenya that can break down barriers… a kind heart and a caring attitude.

NED's Kindness Adventure assembly supports developing a positive and caring school climate. Its proactive approach aims to prevent many forms of mistreatment, including bullying, by showcasing the sense of satisfaction that takes place when a child chooses to show kindness, respect and acceptance.

Stay tuned for more information when we return the week of January 19th!

THANK YOU!!! We raised over $1,200 for our Kindness Adventure Assembly!

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Leader Board Since Thanksgiving Break

First Grade Mrs. Daniels 32.6 points

Second Grade Mrs. Pipes 218.0 points

Third Grade Mrs. Walker 388.4 points

Fourth Grade Mr. Dannemiller 100.8 points

Fifth Grade Mrs. Cole 103.9 points

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Click on the link below to order a yearbook!


School Code 55762Z

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2nd 9 WEEK


2nd GRADE:


Jacob Snyder, Lola Cunningham, Lilliana Bailey, Eli Abi El Hessen, Trinity Abi El Hessen, Madeline Penney, Bailey Weikle, Jack Cunningham


Rosahlee Courson, Hanna Davis, Ellah Leech, Brookelyn Devolder, Addyson Delaney, Sadie Bowers, Branton Copley, Ruby Stevens, Parker Freeman, Isabel Cunningham


Morgan Lee, Gavin Ward, Tenley Riddle, Brooklyn Moyer, Victoria Wuertz



Kinsley Clower, Rebekah Eicher, Jaxson Stevens, Brinley O’Brien, Livanna Courson


Teegan Riddle, Hailey Carpenter, Kaleb Lemley, Sydney Kerr, Conner McCoy, Andrew Galida, Alexander Wynn, Lilly Wilson, Adalyn Handley, and Brylee Oyster


Chance McGregor, Emma Hanlon, Maci Roberts

4th GRADE:


Austin Marker, Troy Swank, Brody Thompson, Caylin Sellers, Karson Chastain


Jude Amos, Gage Gray, Karli Shultz, Kolton Crunkilton, Brody Pritchard, Tenli Shultz, Trey Swank


Stella Lynn, Eliyah Molina, Cooper Thompson



Cole Sellers, Allison Walker


Ayla Wilson, Lillian McFadden, Audrey Haring, Caitlin Seward


Owen Myers, Karter Chastain, Marley O’Brien, Brody Oswalt