Squadron Barbeque

Pie your MTL in the face!

You know you dream about it...

Tickets for the pie toss are $1 per ticket. They are available for purchase now until March 8th in the snack shack. All money goes to squadron events. The MTL with the most tickets under their name will be pied. There will be a bidding to see who gets to pie the MTL. However the MTL can bid higher then the "pie-er" and pie him/her.... PIE EVERYWHERE!!!

Squadron Barbeque

Saturday, March 9th 2013 at 11am-1pm

362 TRS

Pie in the FACE!!! - Participating MTLs

TSgt Begg_______________ SSgt Garcia

TSgt Wareham____________SSgt Harnandez

SSgt Costen______________SSgt Lloyd

SSgt Francis_____________ Sra Dunagan

362 Morale Committee

Any Questions Contact:

Morale President A1C Lance

Vice President A1C Middleton