Mountain Shout-Outs

Volume 2 Issue 19

14 January 2016

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Missed your chance?

If you missed your chance to say thank you to your co-workers or share something great they did, get them to me by e-mail or by handing me this form! Thank you!

Why give shout-outs anyway?

Musting Invite Helpers

Thanks to all of our Mustang Invite helpers! Bruce Randell, Bob Hudson, Ann Hansen, Elizabeth Sedalnick, Jill Wyatt, Scott Schankweiler, Jenn Reed, and Brandi Potestio!

Jeff Johnson

Jayme Brothers

Thank you for always being willing to help.

Colleen Dowling

Karl Buck

Thank you to Karl Buck for your quick help with tech needs AGAIN!!! :)

Heather Schenck

Kimberly Colegrove

Thank you for volunteering for the Scholastic Art Show Drop Off.

Colleen Dowling

Jen Cooper

Thanks to Jen Cooper for her great ideas, energy, and positive attitude.

Mary Murray

Julie Enger

Thank you for supporting our annual Empty Bowls events.

Colleen Dowling

Danielle Johnson

Thank you Danielle Johnson for assisting during the fire drill. Your help conducting classroom checks allowed us to get everyone back in more quickly.

Julie Enger

Will Marks

Thanks to Will Marks for facilitating a discussion between an unhappy student and me. We easily came to an agreement on the situation with your help.

Mary Murray

Tom Norfolk

Thanks to Tom N. for cleaning my old Mac so I could give it to a kiddo in need.

Mary Murray

Taylor Rahmann

Taylor Rahmann for helping me out of a copy jam:)

Brandi Potestio

Marissa Ritorto

Thanks to Marissa Ritorto for being such a great collaborating partner.

Mary Murray

Heather Schenck

Heather Schenk- For always taking the time to do shout outs every week and for having such an awesome, positive attitude!

Jennifer Cooper

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