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2015 Wrap Up

Nuts and Bolts

To finish FIRST you must FIRST finish.

-Finish Strong by Dan Green

Finish Strong

The secret to success is consistency of purpose (Benjamin Disraeli).

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Ending this school year on a positive note and planning with purpose for next year is the key to our continued success. When the students and teachers walk out of our schools for the summer, help ensure that they leave with a positive memory.

The end of the year can be a stressful time if you don’t plan. Remind your teachers and students of your expectations. Make them feel a part of the plan—how are they going to contribute to the team/school community to end the year on a positive note?

Suggested reminders:

  • Be sure you are providing bell to bell engaging instruction. Remember, usually, free time=fuzziness, freak out, not so fun times.
  • We need to make sure that we ALL preach that school is not over. Our lessons need to reflect that school is not over. We are still taking grades, we are still planning engaging lessons, and we are still enforcing the rules.
  • We must maintain a united front and continue to be consistent with the rules.
Check Out Sheets

Check out sheet samples—the documents are linked. Click on the heading to access the documents

Check out flyer

Sample check out elementary

Sample check out

Board Member Invites

As we wind down the year with award programs and community events as well as plan for next year, we know these are prime opportunities to showcase our students. If you plan on inviting the Board members to an event, please send your invitations to Hope Perkins. She will facilitate the communication. Our Board members enjoy being a part of all of the wonderful things happening for our students. Board members are very busy and their calendars fill up quickly; please provide ample time so that they are able to make plans.

Principal Checklist

Principal Checklist

We are making last minute touches on the End of Year Principal Checklist. We listed the May tasks below--


  • Mark calendar and arrange for teachers to assist with testing for Pre-K registration
  • Complete Process for Student Cumulative Records


  • Prepare marquee with farewell message, last day of school and early registration dates and times. Consider spiraling messages about visiting the website for registration info, Teacher of the Year for your campus, STAAR score increases for specific areas, ie. Our math scores increased by 8% this year! Pump up the positive PR over the summer when you can.
  • Kindergarten Round Up to help with enrollment projections. Bonus – give an enrollment packet to each family who attends so they can get a head start on completing the paperwork.


  • Complete PDAS Summative Reports
  • Complete PDAS Summative Conferences
  • Verify all electronic signatures for all evaluations in Eduphoria PDAS
  • Begin interviewing for open positions as early as possible to hire the best applicants


  • Consider adding this phrase to your teacher check out process, “Inform administrator of any work order requests for your area or common areas.”


  • Summer Staff Development Plan
  • Focus Sign-up for teachers
  • Hold the final SBDM/CIT to evaluate the year
  • Survey the teachers
  • Prepare Extended Year Program, including a plan to contact teacher
  • Conduct End-of-Year LPAC
  • Deliver Special Education and 504 IEP’s by the 5th day of school. Teachers must sign off for receipt
  • Send Exit Letters for All ELL Students Meeting Exit Criteria
  • Send home student access codes for online registration with your final report cards
  • Elementary Schools ONLY - Have Teachers Complete Pink/Blue Cards with Information for Next Year’s Teachers, or design a system for creating fair homeroom lists
  • Complete Instructional Materials Inventory/Audit (includes textbooks)
  • Middle and Intermediate School ONLY - Complete e-Course for SSI Procedures and Prepare for GPC Meetings
  • Conduct End-of-Year Data Analysis with Administrative Team
  • Complete Master Schedules
  • Set Up Classes for Coming Year
  • Communicate to all new special education teachers and paras hired to work in ABLE, BSS, OMEGA, PPCD, or SUCCESS that CPI training is required prior to school starting
  • Verify that returning special education teachers and paras have maintained CPI certification
  • Ensure that all Assistant Principals supervising special education programs on your campus have current CPI certification before school starts


  • Prepare Campus Closeout Procedures and End-of-Year Checklist for Teachers
  • Calendar Principal’s Academy and Other Summer Meetings
  • Collect and File Field Trip Forms
  • Begin Planning Master Calendar for Coming Year (Get Input from Teachers Before They Leave)
  • Review Current Year Budget/Submit Budget Amendments, etc.
  • Make sure that we are spending our grant funds awarded by the deadline. The Education Foundation reports indicate that grant recipients have given back $28,000 of unused funds.
  • Recapture Unspent Department Budgets and Spend Accordingly
  • Order Start up Supplies
  • Verify the location of special education audit folders during summer - make sure the files are locked and you have access to the keys
  • Verify with the special education specialist for any district-wide program that you have on your campus that an inventory has been completed and all materials are accounted for prior to special education teachers leaving for the year


NEW Teacher Units

Many have you asked about new teaching units. Because decisions at the State level are still up in the air, our budget is too. Continue to hire the best of the best candidates for your open positions due to attrition. We will inform you about your new positions ASAP.

Interviewing Applicants

As you interview and hire the best of the best for our students, please remember to check at least 3 references! We know it gets crazy and we get in the mind set of “oh, I may lose them”; however, we owe it to our students to make sure the applicant has the attributes and high standards our students need.

With all of the Office 365 transition, we are sharing the interview question bank again.

Interview Question Bank

More Buckets

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Teacher Appreciation Testimonials

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Some teacher appreciation LOVE…… Please continue to share your appreciation moments!



The students, parents and staff of Stuchbery raised $4,045.74 in a Charity Walk a Thon event. Parents participated with their children as they completed laps. All proceeds will go to Wounded Warrior Project. Students have been learning character traits of kindness and generosity and topped off their lessons with this life event.


An excerpt from a parent at Frazier that submitted Ms. Stewart for Teacher of the Year for Live with Kelly and Michael’s teacher appreciation contest.

  • “The first time we met Ms. Stewart was on "meet the teacher day". As soon as we turned down the long hallway leading to her classroom, my son went into full meltdown mode. From past experiences my son had decided that long hallways led to only one thing, doctor offices. He was in a panic, crying and refusing to walk. That's when Ms. Stewart came bounding out of her room with a big smile on her face. She assumed that this student that was struggling so much to just make it down the hall belonged to her. She greeted us with that beautiful smile and immediately got to work. She knelt down to his level and started offering him toys that caught his attention and calmed him down. Building a positive relationship is key when working with a student on the autism spectrum and I could see right away that she understood that.

    I would like to leave you with the number 1 reason Ms. Stewart should be your top teacher of 2015. Ms. Stewart helped my son find his voice. Upon entering her class last August my son was non-verbal. Throughout the year she has used visual aids to help him communicate and inspire speech. She made him a communication book that helps him form "I want" sentences. For example at the end of the given phrase "I want" my son can place a picture of cheese, juice, or his favorite toy. Inspiring a young child with autism to speak is tedious, exhausting, at times frustrating and requires the type of enthusiasm and devotion that usually only comes from a parent. Ms. Stewart has chosen to take this challenge on for each of her students and it has paid off. It’s now just nine months later and my son not only talks, he sings! He can count, recite the alphabet, and express what he wants using his beautiful voice! No award can give her what she gave my family, but it would be a start.”