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How Water Pollution is Caused

Water pollution is caused by several different activities. For example farms, and factories release dangerous chemicals into the water supplies. Running fuel in cars and in power plants can direct acid rain. When acid rain falls it dirties the water supplies. Also some cities decide to release sewage into lakes, rivers, and seacoasts.

Ways laws protect the water supplies!

The laws help protect the water supplies by asking farms, and factories to not dump chemicals into the water supplies. Also in many countries they must treat teir sewage before dumping it into the water.
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Water Pollution Questions

Some people don't know what water pollution is, so they ask these questions:

1. What is water pollution?

2. What are some causes of water pollution?

3. What are some effects of water pollution?

4. What are some things people can do to reduce water pollution?

Effects of Water Pollution!

The effects of water pollution is that the water poses serious public health. Also it effects the use of natural resources, and damages the environment!
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Water Pollution Soulutions!

Way to help stop water pollution are...

1.Stop emptying sewage into the water
2. Recycle MORE not LESS
3. To not release chemicals into the water supplies