Inspire Academy Summer School

Title 1

Inspire School is Way too Cool!


It is time to start preparing for our Title 1 Summer School Program. State and Federal Programs Department and Teacher Development Department are working closely together to plan a fun and invigorating 15 days of learning intended to enrich and strengthen our students learning abilities and skills.

Summer School Details

Summer Site and Summer School Administrator

Hunters Glen Elementary - Latoya Garrett

Holley Elementary - Carla Sweeny

Drabek - Sonya Evans

Hosting Site and Feeder Schools

Hunters Glen- Blue Ridge, Briargate, Glover, Hunters Glen, Lantern Lane, Ridgegate,

and Ridgemont

Holley- Fleming, Holley, Mission Bend, Mission Glen, Mission West, Townewest

Drabek Armstrong, Burton, Goodman, Heritage Rose, E.A. Jones, Rosa Parks

Teacher Work Day June 4th (Orientation with Summer Administrator & Classroom Set-Up)

Instructional Days (Students) June 5th -28th 8:00-12:00 - 15 days

Teacher Work Hours 7:30-12:30

Transportation for students will be provided

I am currently working on providing lunch for students.

Supplies and materials for students and staff will be provided.

Students will take a pre and post assessment.

State and Federal Programs will conduct an " End of Program" Evaluation

I am in the process of planning a two- hour after school session for the summer staff to attend to learn about summer curriculum. More details coming soon.

Each campus will have 30 seats for each grade level

Incoming 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders = 90 students per campus

If your campus has less than 90 incoming 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders meeting the summer school criteria, you will have the opportunity to invite 1st and 2nd grade students based on their REN 360 data. Please review your 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grade data with your leadership team to make sure you are inviting all of the students that would qualify, before inviting 1st and 2nd grade students.

How Will Students Be Selected to Attend?

Directions: Select 30 students per grade level in grades 2nd, 3rd, and 4th to invite to Inspire Academy for summer 2018 based on the criteria listed below. Please work with your leadership team to pull the data and names. It is important to use the Ren 360 data when selecting our students to invite. Students that are in the bilingual program and will take their STAAR test in English are invited to attend Inspire Academy. Special Education and SSI ( 5th graders that failed the 2nd round of STAAR) will host their own program this summer. If you have a student that failed the 2nd round of STAAR, they will need to attend SSI summer school. The Special Education Department will also host their own summer program. The summer school administrators will review the REN 360 data to make sure we are assigning students to teachers based on their teaching assignment.

Inspire Academy Criteria

1. First priority are 2nd grade students who didn't score in the Probable Reader category on the Early Literacy screener.

2. Second priority are students who scored in the red – Urgent Intervention category on REN360 in BOTH reading and math.

3. Third priority are students who scored in the red – Urgent Intervention category on REN360 reading only.

4. Fourth priority are students who scored in the red – Urgent Intervention category on REN360 in math.

5. If you still have student seats, then follow the above steps to choose additional students who scored in the yellow – Intervention category.

Additional Considerations

Teacher input

Student absences

Student behavior

Intervention history

The summer school administrator will send information to you to collect student's names, provide permission slips, and the process to collect permission slips.

* Title 1 Summer Teacher positions will post soon

* The three summer administrators will screen applications and conduct reference checks.

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