5th Grade News

October 25 - 29, 2021

Focus of the Week

ELAR - I can describe figurative language, and analyze how text structure contributes to the authors purpose

MATH - I can balance a budget

SCIENCE - I can demonstrate how light travels in a straight line until it is reflected or refracted.

SOCIAL STUDIES - I can explain the basic functions of the three branches of government.


If your student will be out for an extended period of time please let us know so that we can gather a work packet so that your student does not fall too far behind.


Fall Treat Bags

Fall treat bags will be passed out on Friday, October 29th. If you would like to donate treats to the bags you can send treat items such as stickers, pencils, small toy items, individually wrapped candy, pretzels, fruit snacks etc.

All items must be sent to the school by Wednesday, October 27th so that they can be assembled and ready.

How much should I send???

Amaton - 23

Bennett - 22

Kocian - 22

Thompson - 20

Young - 21

Big picture

Storybook Character Dress up Day

On Friday October 29th your student can choose to wear a team jersey / shirt for Red Ribbon week.


They can wear a school appropriate Halloween costume.

There's a Chill in the Air!

As the get further into the Fall Season the temperatures are beginning to drop in the mornings. Please remind your student to bring a school appropriate sweater. Please refer to dress code guidelines for further details. We also recommend that your students name be somewhere on it so that it can be easily identified if lost.

Important Information to Help Your Student!

What Can We Work on at Home?!?

You may have noticed that your student does not have daily homework. The only time a student should have homework is to make-up missed work from an absence or work that was not completed in class. Here are some suggestions if you want your student to have extra practice.

  • Read daily for at least 20 minutes
  • Practice fact fluency (multiplication & division)
  • Log in to ClassLink and work on Math, Reading, Science, and Social Studies in Education Galaxy, or check out Sora, our online digital library.

Dress Code

  • Shirt colors - Maroon, white, grey, navy, and black
  • Pants must be hemmed and no holes or tears - Jeans or uniform bottoms in black, navy or khaki.
  • Practice good hygiene daily
  • Not sure if it is in dress code? Check here

Dates to Remember

Monday, November 8 - Staff Development (no school for students)

Fall Break!!! - November 20 - 28

Team of Two

Mrs. Bennett - rhonda.bennett@redoakisd.org

Ms. Thompson - megan.thompson@redoakisd.org

Team of Three

Mrs. Kocian - mary.kocian@redoakisd.org

Mrs. Amaton - Belen.amaton@redoakisd.org

Mrs. Young - april.young@redoakisd.org