Using Multiple Senses

Building a snowman with children

Building a snowman

When out in the cold winter building a snowman with your children one uses all of their senses. You can feel the warm sun, the cold breeze, and the cold wet snow. You can hear the snow crunching, children laughing, and the breeze whistling through the trees. You can see the beautiful white snow canvasing the ground, the smiling faces of the children, and the formation of a snowman. You can taste the fresh moisture in the air, and smell the evergreen trees in the distance

Removing a Sense

If one was to remove touch from this experience it would greatly change ones perception of the situation. Removing touch would take away the cold, the feeling of the breeze, and the feel of the cold wet snow. It take away from the experience in that building a snowmen in the snow is usually about being cold, and playing in the snow.