Globe Life Park In Arlington and George Strait

By:Seth Stone,Taigen Hall,Richard Goins,Hunter Lasater

Globe Life Park In Arlington

Summary of Significance of Globe Life Park In Arlington:

Surprisingly Globe Life Park In Arlington has a huge significance to Texas.First off it is home to 1 of the 2 MLB teams in Texas the Texas Rangers.But the main reason it is important to Texas is because it is one of the main reasons Arlington,Texas is the activity central of Texas in addition to AT&T Stadium,Six Flags,and Hurricane Harbor also being in Arlington,Texas.Without Globe Life Park In Arlington the amount of people coming to Arlington for entertainment would be minizminzed.It could also affect other cities because they wouldn't have the income of Arlington's profits from these places and could make other cities richer/poorer if they had Globe Life Park In Arlington in that city they would make more money but the cities that currently profit from it would be poorer.

Importance to Texas History:

Globe Life Park has greatly affected Texas history in many ways.If it were not for Globe Life Park In Arlington the city Arlington,Texas may not have ever been the activity central of Texas because it was one of the original entertainment places in Arlington.Meaning this could have made other cities have thrived more and other cities could have got worse than they are no and possibly not have some cities due to not having the income from this entertainemnt capital.

Question We Asked Ourselves While Researching This:

How many people can the rangers stadium hold?

Answer: 49,115 people

How much did it cost to build?

Answer:It cost 189 million dollars to build

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George Strait

Summary of Significance of George Strait

George Strait was born in Poteet, Texas on May 18, 1982. George Strait grew up with Buddy Strait, His sister Pencey edel, His mother Doris strait, and his father John strait. They were grown up in Poteet, Texas all there life but George was a special one. George kicked off his music career in the the late 1900’s. He mainly played guitar and sooner than later he became known as the biggest country singer. George Strait's at home family consist of his wife Norma Strait, and his daughter Jenifer strait.

Importance to Texas History

George Strait was born in Texas in a common neighbor hood like us. He started off with nothing and went to something big. As big as Texas. He was known as the best country singer. Even to this day many people honor George Strait.

Question We Asked Ourselves While Researching This:

How many albums has George Strait sold?

Answer: George Strait has sold 68 million albums.

Has George Strait ever been nominated for a reward?

Answer: Yes, He has been nominated to the entertainer of the year and won 3 times

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