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June 2017

New films

We have added six new films onto recently. In my opinion some of the best films that are on the site.

You can click on each title to watch the film and see the teaching ideas.

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Have you tried VIPERS?

VIPERS is a mnemonic for remembering 6 key comprehension skills:






Sequence or Summarise

You can read more about VIPERS here

VIPERS can be used to ask questions about images as well as texts in order to rehearse the skills. decided to describe the weather/atmosphere

I - How would someone feel walking towards this house?

P - Who lives in this house? What type of story will this be?

E - Explain why the artist has chosen this landscape, how does the location, time of day and weather affect what the audience is thinking?

R - How many lights are on in the house?

S - Give as much information about this scene as you can in just two sentences.

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You can also use VIPERS when discussing films

We now have sets of questions for over 30 of the Literacy Shed films over on Literacy Shed plus.
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What will you find on Literacy Shed Plus?

  • Fully planned and differentiated writing units with resources based on Literacy Shed films.
  • VIPERS for films.
  • Classic VIPERS comprehensions based on classic literature.
  • SURPRISES Editing resources.
  • Novel guides for teachers with student activity books.

Check out the samples here