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Special Dental Procedure by an Implant Dentist

Dentistry is a special medical field where one is concerned about the oral hygiene and teeth appearance. There are many areas of specialization for a dentist to venture into; just like a doctor who might specialize in pediatrics, colostomy, heart or orthopedics.

Dentists can also specialize in implants or cosmetic dentistry which is meant to enhance the looks of the consumer with better teeth. An implant dentist is skilled in fixing special tooth pieces into the patient’s gum for better aesthetics and functioning of the teeth.

Features of a dental implant

The progressive technology has made great advancements with a dental implant. The small screw shaped piece is usually made of titanium to be inserted into the jawbone in place of the missing tooth and root.

The implant is to fuse with the jawbone snugly before a replacement tooth is to be fixed onto the top to create a new tooth which offers a natural tooth look and feel with the desired functioning of the natural tooth.

Multiple implants can be conducted by any experienced implant dentist at the request of the patient to save time and money. A lower charge may be incurred with multiple implants if the negotiation is well made with the dental provider.

Multiple implants may be considered for supporting a denture or bridge for those whose teeth are all missing.


More and more consumers today are embracing dental implants more openly than before; there is more information about the dental procedure with a better understanding on the qualities to be gained from this procedure. A good implant dentist would enlighten the patient on the pros and cons of any dental implant before activating the procedure.

Dental implants are comfortable although these are considered foreign attachments to the body; namely the jawbone and gum. The implant-supported teeth are known to be more comfortable than the conventional dentures as there would not be any possible slips or moves caused by the denture. Thus, there is no friction or discomfort caused by wearers.

Dental implants are known to be safer than conventional bridgework because the implants function to eliminate grinding down healthy teeth. Another good quality of implants is its ability to keep the alveolar bone in tact instead of shrinking which is common when natural teeth are lost. This bone loss is more obvious with more teeth missing as the individual grows older. Loss of teeth can impact the face structure and shape. Hence, dental implants help to retain the face structure for a better appearance.

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