By Alexis Phillips

One of the most successful rock bands in the world

Queen was one of the most successful, haunting, favored, rock bands of the 80's.

with more thousands or millions of records sold each album's, 10 # 1 DVDs and more than 72000 people at there infamous "live Aid" concert.

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Famous quotes said by "Queen

"REAL music doesn't go out of style in 3 months"

"you've captured my love, stolen my heart, and changed my life"

"I hate trying to analyze my music to the full, like people still ask me,

what is bohemian rhapsody is about, I say "I don't know"

College is where a new life begins

In the university of London, 1968 is where it all started. Founded by the future lead guitarists of the bands Smile and Queen, (Brian May) set up an add looking for a "ginger baker" type drummer to start a band. And a young man named Roger Taylor additioned and got the part, and Tim steffel also joined for a short while as the lead bassist and thus formed the band smile. later in 1969 They were singing to Mercury's records, and had there first experience recording professionally.
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Lets change it up a bit

in 1970 Freddie Mercury ( the owner of mercury's studios) was a fan big fan of Smile, and so after Tim Steffell departure of the band, Freddie encouraged them to experiment and try out new recording techniques. Freddie himself joined the band shortly after, and suggested "Queen" as a new band name.

There is a difference between success and fame

IN the early 1980's the band well known now as "Queen" was a big hit all of the nation, And one of the biggest stadium rock bands in the world. Also there performance in the 1985's "live Aid" attended by 72,000 people , Pennsylvania, United States attended by about 100,000 It was one of the largest television broadcasts of all time an estimated global audience of 1.9 billion, watched the live braodcast

What now?

Freddie mercury the lead singer of the band, Died on Nov 24 he was only 45 years old. he died from a disease that happens in result of "Aids" called bronchopneumonia. Brain May lives in London,and Windlesham, surrey, he is an active animal rights activist. John Deacon retired in 1997 after he preformed his final song "no-one but you" released that year. Roger Taylor left the group in 2001 he is only involved in the band to get money when they go on tours and preform his songs.


So now you know a little more about the and Queen and their amazing journey to success and the way the traveled and touched the hearts of others