The EU

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What is it?

The EU (European Union) is a political and economic partnership between 27 European countries. The EU makes decisions regarding the vast majority of the European continent.
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How the EU started

The European Union was established on November 1,1993 through the Treaty of Maastricht and created by the European Economic Community Foundation.

The EU is based on democratic decision making and treaties. All countries must agree for changes to be made. The EU provides a single market allowing most goods, businesses, money, services, and people to move freely.

Goals and Purpose

The treaty of Maastricht stated goals they were hoping to accomplish with the creation of the European Union. These goals are:

1) To strengthen the democratic governing of participating nations.
2) To improve the efficiency of the nations.
3) To establish an economic and financial unification.
4) To develop the "Community social dimension."
5) To establish a security policy for involved nations.
The European Union - the New Soviet Union?

The EU mission

"to continue prosperity, freedom, communication and ease of travel and commerce..."

Accomplishments and Changes

The EU has made over 50 years of peace and stability in Europe. It raised living standards and created a universal currency; the euro. Border control has been weakened throughout Europe making travel and working-abroad easier. It has strengthened world trade in cooperation with the World Trade Organization(WTO).
European Union - 50 years in 5 minutes!

Expanding knowledge around the world

The EU has encouraged countries in Asia and Latin America and other regions of the world to make closer relationships with one another, exactly how the countries of Europe have. Europe’s experience of regional integration has brought many good things to them, and the EU agrees that integration in other regions of the world will put its trading partners in a much better position to benefit from globalization.

European Union - A New Europe

Essential Question

How has the EU had an impact Globally?