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What Does this Make You Think? How Does it Make You Feel?

Depending on the day or moment, this picture might make you feel excited or reflective, anxious or at peace. The part about looking out over an ocean that I always find fascinating, is how you can only see so far...then nothing. It's like the horizon just ends, drops off. Of course we know better because we trust that there is more ahead of us than what we can currently see. You see where I am going here, right? Isn't the start of a new year similar? I can see my classroom, student lists, new supplies, books on the shelves, yet I know there is a whole lot I cannot see. That's where I begin to trust. I trust that there is a group of courageous, selfless, smart, and talented teachers who dive in and make the journey together. Welcome Back. So grateful to serve along side you again this year.

- Megan

Welcome Back 2017

Tell The Story

Take a look at one teacher's work with inquiry in kindergarten. Mrs. Erin Nornberg took a little time at the end of summer to make a more permanent display of her students' thinking and planning when they became fascinated with plants and gardens. As you get settled into your year, I encourage you to continue to collect and document some of the worthy work you do with students. If you are interesting in teaming up to put the pieces together, let me know!
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What might I find online for my work with the units of study?

  • Orientation videos created by one or more of the authors; videos are specific to each grade level
  • Study Guides to help you lead team discussions, reading, and planning
  • Grade Level Mentor text lists (I'm putting one in your mailbox, too!)
  • Correlation to K-5 Standards
  • Anchor Charts - print or project (these are your "sticky" pads in the box)
  • Additional resources mentioned in sessions like song lyrics, video links, etc.

If you have not already done so, play around in your grade level online resources for a bit, as you have time - will be worthwhile.

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