United States & Canada Connections

By Megan Gilliam

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I'll Trade You...

Canada and the United States not only share a border but also one of the largest trading relationships. This relationship employs millions of people creating a revenue of around $1.6 billion dollars in goods and services (per day). Both countries are apart of The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) which has a main goal to reduce trade barriers and help countries agree on trade rules. The United States is considered one of Canada's greatest foreign investor and Canada is the 3rd largest foreign investor for the United States
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Were All In This Together

The U.S and Canada have always been good allies who aren't afraid to colaborate on something, whether it be protection and security or just common issues. In 1909 the Boundary Water Treaty was created between The U.S and Canada to help address water and environment issues found between the two countries. In addition to this treaty Canada participates in a U.S led economic forum on energy and climate. Both of these countries started the Action Plan on Perimeter Security and Economic Competitiveness

which helps them become more connected with trade facilitation, border law enforcement, and addressing early threats.

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Were Not That Much Different

Canada and the United States are connected more than most people would think, There are around 300,00 people who cross the United States/Canada border on a daily basis (whether it be for work or family). Both have a majority of English speakers (even though some parts of Canada speaking French is more popular) , And both countries share a large percentage of people who are Christian. (more Info on Canada/U.S religions here)

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