Short Writing Assignment Four

Summarization of Dramatic elements

Drama West Productions presents: 'POST-ITS' feat. Winnie Holzman & Paul Dooley

Analysis of Ten-Minute Plays

The Ten-Minute play contains most of the elements of a traditional play condensed into a brief performance. They typically follow the same guidelines as a regular drama such as conflict, characters, and setting. Identify the central conflict in each of the plays in Ch. 35 in LIT and “Post-its” (1176). Is there a commonality in each play’s climax/conflict? How does setting work in these shorter plays? Why might that be necessary given the constraints of the subgenre? Last, while these certainly do not represent all of the subjects in ten-minute plays they are representative. What is the subject matter of each play? Why might this type of subject be appropriate for this type of play as opposed to a longer drama? (Please put all six plays on the Works Cited page)

"Beauty" by Jane Martin
Pan Theater: 2011, 10 minute Play Festival "Zombie love by Earl T. Roske" 7/9