(Multi Genre Project) Brandon Rawls 8th

Istanbul Review


  • Istanbul is super modern with a perfect splash of history.

  • Istanbul can be bustling with life or very calm, depending on where you decide to live.

  • There are many art museums, religious buildings, and historic buildings you can visit.

  • There is a very great variety of food, cultures, and people.

  • There many people who will willingly show you around Istanbul.


  • There are various protests and attacks in some areas of Istanbul.

  • If you choose the wrong neighborhood to live in you might have bars, protests, lots of traffic, loud neighbors, robberies, loud nearby business, and/or a lot of people around your house/apartment.

  • If you are not used to very different food in Istanbul, it is hard to find “American” food.

  • You have to learn a new language to communicate.

  • There are many different languages spoken in Istanbul.

Obituary and Eulogy

Personal Narrative

I, just having moved to Istanbul, have just finished unpacking into my new apartment. I have the greatest view from my balcony overlooking a street intersection. I could see all passersby and little mini shops. It was all amazing.

Except for one thing... I could not get out because I was not used to all the commotion because I came from the countryside, where there are hardly any people. All the people and action was overwhelming to me. I very slowly got used to all the commotion and was just starting to get out more.

Then one day, I heard some explosions in the distance and I instantly ran and turned the radio on. There had been two unclaimed bombings that had killed 17 people and injured many others. After that I was so scared to go out I didn’t even go out to meet a friend of mine who lived in Istanbul. After a week, he came in my apartment and told me that these bombings were super rare and they were caused by a riot that was happening. He told me to just be careful if there were any nearby riots. He then told me the fun I could have if I just went out and ignored all the action around me. I agreed to go out with him and we had so much fun. I then realized all the things I could do to make my experience in Istanbul the most amazing way I could.

I then learned you didn’t have to be afraid of everything and you didn’t have to take in everything around you at once to enjoy yourself. Sometimes being outside your regular domain can teach you a lot and you may have tons of fun trying new things.



A city super modern with brand new skyscrapers

yet so historic with temples and landmarks

A city with so much European influence

yet so Asian like

A city thrillingly hip and new

yet almost two millennium old

A city bursting with tons of life

yet surprisingly calm

A city with so many cultures

A city with so much variety

A city with so many religions

A city with so much energy

A city with so many people

A city with so much art