Delran Intermediate School-Where Cubs become Bears!


Picture Day - Make-Ups - Monday, November 5th
3rd Grade Field Trip- Wednesday, November 7- Into the Woods-

American Education Week - Week of November 12th (Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday)

Upcoming Dates:

November 8th and 9th- School is closed- NJEA Teacher's Convention

November 21st- Single Session Day- Dismissal @ 12:30 pm

November 22nd and 23rd- School is closed- Thanksgiving

After-school Activities

  • 5th grade Advanced Band- Every Tuesday and Thursday, except for Single Session days
  • Fall Chorus- (thru December 18, 2018)-Every Tuesday & Thursday, except for Single Session days
  • Fall Robotics (thru January 9, 2019)- Every Wednesday, except for Single Session days

American Education Week

Week of November 12th

Our schedule will be as follows: a parent may visit/observe for any duration of time between the hours of 9:00am - 11:00am:

Grade 4 - November 13

Grade 5 - November 14

Grade 3 - November 15


Please visit www.delranelementarypto.org or their Facebook Page.


When Sending Notes to School with your Child...

...please be sure to write your child's first and last name in the note to ensure that the information contained within can be documented accordingly. Thank you.

Arriving to School!

We are thrilled that our students are eager to come to school each day and do their best to arrive on time; however, please be aware that students may not be dropped off or arrive to school before 8:10 am, as there is no proper supervision. When arriving before 8:10 am, please keep your children in your car until the bell rings and the movement of the car line students is monitored by the adults on duty. Also, for those who walk to school, it is important that their walk is timed accordingly so that those students are not arriving excessively early as well. If there is a family scheduling conflict that necessitates the need to arrive to school early, Primetime is available (even for sporadic needs). Please click here for more information about Primetime.


A friendly reminder: We ask that parents please escort children into school and sign them in. Thanks so much.

Car Pool/ student drop-off and pick up

Though we understand that the parking lot is not easily navigated during the rushes of the morning and afternoon, we ask that you remain cognizant of the bus traffic and flow. When entering the school parking lot in the morning, please stay in the right lane while waiting to turn down the aisle for drop-off; this allows those who need park to enter the parking lot. In the afternoon, please stay in the left lane, as busses also enter in the main parking lot. Please do not use or block the bus lane.

Primetime drop-off and pick up-

Parents: please remember that, for the safety of all, it is imperative that no one drives and/or parks in the side driveway when dropping off or picking up at Primetime. The driveway needs to stay clear of extraneous vehicles to allow for deliveries, trash removal, and emergency vehicles. Please park in the parking lot, then escort your child to Primetime.

In the afternoon when picking up your child, you must use the cafeteria doors; no one is permitted to walk through the school building after school hours.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.